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Quote: Originally Posted by Ringo How does the sizing run on JS shoes? I tried on a pair of loafers a year or so ago and recall having to size down. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out what my size would be (normally a US 9.5 or 10) would be, as they only had sizes that were way too small or too big. There are three numbers on the side of the box, the top left is the UK Size 9C in this instance, beneath that the US size 9.5D and to the right...
The Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of The World Andy Kaufman
I started using my girlfriends Dermalogica Special Cleansing Fluid about six years ago, fourty bucks a bottle is crazy except for the fact that the thing last four months and I absolutely never break out.
Kerastase anti-frizz, cuts the volume down without looking greasy.
Coffee mug with my name in Hawaiian for seventy five cents. Matthew- Makaio
J.M. Weston Triple-Leather Sole Tan Boxcalf Blucher Wingtips. My first pair of shoes with metal heel and toe taps, definitely let's them know you're coming. I just can't decide if I'm going to have them stretched a bit or go through the ordeal like a man. I got some Brown Scotch Grain Golf's about two months back that I lathered with Black Saphir, it's a cool effect but they definitely look ten years old now. Last and definitely not least my Tan Suede Leather Soul x Alden...
And I know you asked for backpacks but for those of you who haven't seen the Michael Linnell's Mailroom Supplies collaborations with Oshman's Sporting Goods (Japan) or with Beams, those are worth checking out. Something different from Manhattan Portage at least, not that I have any problem with those, maybe ubiquity speaks something about their quality.
I have the North Face Hot Shot in Purple, had the thing for seven years and it just looks better after time. Picked up an Avirex in Olive Drab in Shinjuku or Shibuya at the Avirex store that gets nice comments. I'd really like to find a distributor for the Karrimor brand in the U.S.
Saphir is outstanding. I've just started using their bees wax polish as rebranded by Gaziano and Girling and the difference is immediately apparent from what I had been using previously.
Halston Unbound.
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