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Brand New "Never worn only tried once" with tags. Selling as it doesn't fit me. Brand: Blue Work by Tomorrowland JAPAN Fabric Polyester nylon Blouson Jacket Color: Khaki ( Actual color slightly darker than picture) Size: M - Fits Small Length: 68cm Shoulder width: 42.5cm Sleeve length: 64cm Sleeve width: 23.5cm Width of cuff: 13.5cm Chest Width: 49cm Price includes standard air mail For more information on item see:
Hi, Any idea on the sizing of these jackets ? The seem to have several styles and the webstores provide either differing measurements or none at all. Im 5" 6' with a 38 inch chest. What size would I take ? Thanks.
Thanks MrDV.Was concerned about the width.
Gents, anyone with advice please ?
Hi, I am a comfortable fit in the 5.5D unlined barrie last. I have very narrow small feet but a horrible bunion that the barrie last accommodates quite well. The rest of the foot still swims in the shoes though particularly in the the heel. Its a small price to pay. Will a lined shoe in 6D in a plaza last offer the same comfortable width ? Trying them on is not an option as I have to purchase them online. Any advice from guys with experience in these lasts would be...
Thanks winston. Hope the everlane ones are comparable.
Im actually going to be in NYC next month, any suggestions for where I should be looking ? Thanks in advance.
a little long, I can handle but most I have tried on are way too long and when buttoned tend to bunch at the waist. Maybe I'm just not finding the right ones.
Hope the sweaters ans cardigans aren't too long like most brands out there. Where is a 5'6" guys supposed to get the right length in these without going the MTO route ?!
Hi, Anyone have any experience with these ? Needed help with sizing. A calvin Klein comparison would be nice. Thanks.
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