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Strangely, it only costs $15 (considerably less than what we paid for the shirts) to file a small claims suit with the NY Civil Court.
Ah. Good to know. Thanks!
We actually worked directly with Joe Hemrajani. I believe he was the founder of Bermini in 2004. I think he also has a company called We were told there was a delay with the tailor (I think it was in Italy) - but we had to call to find this out; no one ever took the initiative to let us know. We were told the delay would be another 8 weeks. But no luck then, either. For the past several times we've called or visited the shop we were told that the shirts were...
Note: This is NOT Joe Hemrajani of     I wanted to alert any customers of Bermini or Mr. Joe Hemrajani to our experiences from this past year: We ordered 4 custom-tailored shirts on February 17, 2008 from Mr. Joe Hemrajani, through Bermini Tailors on Lexington Avenue in NYC. We paid up front through credit card and through a gift certificate. We were told the shirts would be ready within 6 - 8 weeks. We failed on several attempts to retrieve the...
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