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Quote: Originally Posted by b14k Vans V3091 LX Limonta Pack These really look like bowling shoes to me, between the colors, the laces, and the shine. Quote: Originally Posted by filcol Any comments on those Adidas? I don't think you could get much more inoffensive. Will say this, though: I'm looking to go canvas for my next all-white sneaker...I am sick of keeping my all-white Superstars spotless, and...
I've pondered the idea. Good-looking men's jewelry is hard to find though, men's bracelets especially. Most metal bracelets look like they belong on Jersey Shore roid-heads. Most Rope/hemp/wood/etc. bracelets look like they belong on filthy hippies.
The guy pays until the relationship gets comfortable, and then you take turns. This is the ideal way, anyway. The problem here is that there are a lot of variables. Some women hate when men try to pay every time. Some women hate when men don't try to pay every time. Some women are still putting themselves through college, and you can't reasonably expect them to pay even half their share. The trick is to figure out her opinion and be accommodating to it.
Did I go too small on these Diors? They're a 34 and one of the models that are slightly stretchy. Should I have sized up to a 36, or will these eventually figure themselves out? You can see the whiskering in the waist is just a tad ridiculous at the moment, and they are obviously a little too tight in the legs here and there. Quite comfortable, although I bet these would be hell on my waist right about now if they weren't stretch.
"Mixology bar" is a term I often hear used for these. Not as sexy as speakeasy, but there you have it.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR Brooks Brothers clearance items are priced at 75% off regular price this president's day weekend. I picked up a few pairs of their slim fit Milano khakis. Reg $70, Clearance $18ish Note: this is in-store only Thanks for the heads-up. I checked my closest store open on a Sunday (damn blue laws) though, and they were completely out of these. Lady there told me she had helped someone else check other stores for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gihad Wackness? Not if you have the barbie-pink suit to match. Quote: Originally Posted by Mbrand In this guy's defense, he was smart enough to rob the matching socks from santa's elves to go with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gihad Do you wear them? Find them played out or even a bit juvenile? I never really cared for the more outlandish color designs or cartoony logos some street wear brands usually manufacture; but I have been into some more customized team caps. A lot of people on this forum won't touch caps with a ten-foot pole. I think on the right person they look alright, but that person is definitely not me.
Field Service Technician for a major retail chain. It pays the bills, but I miss my days in the financial industry...better pay, better hours, and I wasn't surrounded by inept morons. I'd still be at Citi, making piles of money to do next to nothing as a project manager if the economy hadn't hit a brick wall.
Anything similar to these Aldens out there at a lower price point? I like the clean, polished, simple look with the cap toe styling, but these only come in shell. Looking for more like $200-300 instead of the nearly $600 these fetch.
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