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Just received the coyote rough outs from the sample sale. I need to size up. Size 7.5. Message me if you have an interest. Thanks.
My Vans and Norfolks are the same size
I wear a size 6 on the barrie last, will a 6.5 2030 service boot be to big for me? Thanks in advance.
jordanwalkert, I wear the same sizes in the shoes you posted and I wear a 7 in Quoddys. I have maliseets, bluchers, and beef roll loafers. All 7s.
Sizes 9.5 and 8 available still...
a couple pairs sold... all sizes still available
going to ebay soon...
BNIB with shoe bags J.Crew Quoddy Grizzly Boots Sizes 9, 9.5, and 10 I believe these run small
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot Yeah, what on earth do you plan to wear those with? Too rough for a suit, too polished for denim, and the color doesn't go with anything. Just considering them as a shoe design, I actually think they look really cool. They just wouldn't have a place in anyone's wardrobe. Also, no, I couldn't find them either. I was thinking they were a great denim shoes or even with some khakis as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch nobody knows why you would want to order those figured I would get a reply such as yours.
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