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for those with issues with water resistance wearing out, if some time in the dryer doesn't fix it, just apply revive-x or other dwr to get it back. ex: bummed they got rid of the kerins, only outlier cut I really like (have climbers and ultralights which are both too tight in the thighs for my preference)
Worn once, like new condition, no box. Accept paypal. $175-->$155->$145 shipped to con us.
New, no box. Accept paypal. $210--200-190 to con us.
Last year I didn't get hit from customs
buy now think later, can always buy a new model down the road but it seems rare to regret a toj purchase even if new styles come out
Black lamb cwu before the price hike for me, should be a good compliment to my dark grey collar moto
trench, would like gray as an option and some degree of water resistance
if possible it would be nice to know what pieces(even vague descriptions) will likely be released when John Coppidge starts up, for those of us try to decide to buy toj now or save up for the new beginning.
medium will probably be too tight in the chest, I'm 6' 165 39-40"chest and the medium bd was a smidge small up top. MTM is probably your best bet then, but you might try the m bd just in case.
have had the zippers make some nasty scrapes on my leather steering wheel, otherwise haven't had issues.
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