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Used them for a trip to the Greenbrier. Easily the best price I could find, and I had no problems with the reservation when I checked in. I never had to deal with customer service, so I can't comment on that.
The Sony BDP-S570 is only ~$160.
Just picked up a Samsung 46" LCD and couldn't be happier. I went with 120Hz refresh rate after researching it quite a bit. Seemed to be worth the money. Sears was running a special where the tv came with the Samsung wireless dongle. Netflix looks incredible on it. Be aware that lots of the Blu-ray players and tvs are wireless capable, but many of them require an additional wireless dongle for access.
They cost more, but ones with thermostats are nice. That way you can keep your room bearable if you'll be out for a while without running it the whole time.
I go to them all in the time. I like several of the Newbury Comics locations in MA as well as Stereo Jacks in Cambridge, Amoeba Records in SF, Grimey's in Nashville, just to name some of my favorites.
Hellfire by Nick Tosches
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Did they dub it in English, or are there sub-titles? Sub-titles. They're casting an English version now.
Quote: Originally Posted by streffert Being a huge Sony fan, and refraining from being a total douche', it's actually a "Vega" series. I had an old roommate who called it a Wega all the time, wanted to smack him in the face, probably because he had red hair... Per Sony's website, it's pronounced "Vega" but spelled "Wega."
I think if you want something that stays firm over time, I'd go with synthetic. I bought some decent ones at Wal-Mart. If you don't like them, at least you aren't out a lot of money.
What are your thoughts on using a blu-ray player with a standard def tv? I currently have a Sony Wega Trinitron. The tv is great, and I've only had it about five years with light use. I also have a nice Denon DVD player. Eventually, I want to buy an LCD tv, but I'd prefer to get a few more years out of this television. However, I buy a lot of DVDs, and I feel like I should be buying blu-ray discs in preparation for the eventual switch. Does it make sense to buy a...
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