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Never trust a man with a blue vagina on his chest. That jacket is pulling at the clit.
I've been reading threads where it's said to place shoes in the sun to lighten them. I don't want my shoes to lighten and fear that over time they may start to fade. Should I be using sunblock on my shoes? Will it hurt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Insensitive LMAO!
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade A Manhattan Woodsprite? fxh at FNB pitties the Foo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Insensitive Love the contrast between the wannabe hitman gloves (tucked under the shirt sleeves!) and the too-large girlfriend shades. Blobs for shoes don't look good on a little man with narrow trousers.
Interesting shoe discussion board... Welcome to The Crispin Colloquy--a web based forum of boot and shoemaking topics. Here anything and everything pertaining to the Gentle Craft is open for discussion. Please feel free to express your opinions, explore techniques, share resources and reveal crans. The Crispin Colloquy
Quote: Originally Posted by Usul Ideally you should have two pairs of shoe trees for each pair of shoes, that way each pair can be rested during the rotation. Example: If you have seven pairs of shoes you need fourteen pairs of shoe trees; each shoe gets a week of rest as does each tree. You may find it useful to number your shoes and your trees, and you can add a little "r" to the right shoe and "l" to the left shoe if that turns out to be a...
Are those the shoes you wore to the tailor? I recall you asking about height-increasing shoes sometime back and I think I see that sort of shoe in these photos (heel seems tall, etc.). Please correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, perhaps this is the cause of the length problem with the trousers?
The issues with the fit of the back are likely there because the OP has stated he has lordosis (see Wikipedia).
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