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Just found a vacuum sealed half of boar salami in the back of my fridge that's been there since we got back from Italy in June. Still good or will I die/vomit?
Just didn't know you were so sensitive, baby.
She acts not completely sure about moving in with you from another city after less than a year of long distance dating and you start pouting and shut off? Kind of lame dude.
my living expense situation has gotten to where i didn't [immediately] throw out the burger king coupons that came in our junkmail today.
is that fucking cornbread?
tastes like fishbowl to me.
Boulette de Poulet pour le Couscous
Although we also never eat out anymore, since we're poor as dirt now.
We end up feeling this way about most places. It's gotten to where we just order a bunch of smaller plates when we eat out, more than half the time at this point.
New Posts  All Forums: