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So in your opinion people have no responsibility to their communities and neighbors?
Does anyone know what this hanging lamp is?
It's gazpacho time.
To Mr. Dignity, the guy who moves in to a new apartment, sees a mirror held against the wall with painter's tape, and says "Perfect! I don't have to do anything to this place!"
Nah, I've always kind of despised the Arts District. There's one good gallery there and it's owned by friends, so I eat at this taco stand and go to Tony's maybe once a month. If I don't have cash I eat at Pizzanista, which is bland hipster pizza similar to Garage. I don't like spending a lot on fancy tacos, because it's never much better than the cheap stuff, if better at all.
Speaking of, last night I had a few of the tacos from the family that's always at 7th/Mateo at night. I wouldn't tell someone to go out of their way to have them, but they're always pretty damn good, especially for $1 each.
So considering where you live, I guess some men are islands.
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