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We actually had 4 emeco chairs for awhile, but gave them to my wife's business partner when we got a bench and two bertoias. The emecos are nice with rustic wood tables, and they're incredibly light. A child could lift one with one hand. I'm glad we replaced them but I liked them while they were there.
I have a soft spot for that aesthetic. I like those IBM standard clocks too.
Going to UCLA, though I gave myself a month off in between. One weekend of which will be spent eating oysters up north with itsstillmatt. And all of the lawyers at my firm work in offices, but maybe I'll have a cubicle again for awhile. Like I said, "hopefully."
Came to work today and my area was adorned with streamers and photos and sad notes. Last day of working in a cubicle, hopefully for ever.
I don't like that one either
The Emeco chair is "horrific?" Really.
too high minded?
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