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I thought it was a light or something maybe. I dislike it on aesthetic grounds.
Those are stupid. The arachnid chair is silly too. So is the tea cozy.
I like that coffee table foo posted. Dislike the other stuff.
How do you pry those out? Presumably before cooking right? Do they come easily?
For Piob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPVpMxVn6mk
follow up: My wife doesn't even believe you.
Of the 6 Arab nations you've visited, where does it rank?
I love pretty much everything from Sausalito up to Point Reyes. Last time we were lost near the forest and drove into some secluded spiritual retreat though, and nobody would help us with directions or anything because they were having a "silent day." no joke.
Driving around Umbria and Tuscany was amazing but nothing comes close to driving Marin.
New Posts  All Forums: