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yeah, it was great (though my wife doesn't like swordfish). btw, i used that video for prepping artichokes for the first time tonight. made it a breeze. Jons has tons of squeaky fresh ones for $1 each.
Sauce was too thin on this one. For the other steaks I thickened it but no photo.
I've been seeing Sagrantino pop up more and more. It always reminds me of my honeymoon.
Did your friend just get back from the 70s? I think people see old photos and then come here and assume that the desert haze is smog.
It's a large piece (about 3' x 2') by this artist:http://www.cherryandmartin.com/artists/brian-bress
Some shitty photos of recent acquisitions:
I think you may have been aiming your cessna at the wrong part of the tarmac, Max.
Today it's that annoying temperature where I can't decide if I should wear a long sleeve shirt or just a sweater with a tee
Red/Maroon Cardigan by APC in very soft wool. Has brown leather elbow patches and I believe polished wood buttons. Very handsome cardigan, but selling very low because it has some small holes in the front. Price includes shipping in Continental US. For international please contact me. Pit to Pit: 19" Shoulder: 17.5" Back Length: 23.5" Sleeve from shoulder: 24"
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