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FWIW, I think they might actually be more than that at whole foods here. Jons is just really solid and there's a ton of competition.Tonight is artichoke and potato gratin. No photo because it isn't attractive.
Hey gome, the contents of this bowl cost $2.20
yeah, it was great (though my wife doesn't like swordfish). btw, i used that video for prepping artichokes for the first time tonight. made it a breeze. Jons has tons of squeaky fresh ones for $1 each.
Sauce was too thin on this one. For the other steaks I thickened it but no photo.
I've been seeing Sagrantino pop up more and more. It always reminds me of my honeymoon.
Did your friend just get back from the 70s? I think people see old photos and then come here and assume that the desert haze is smog.
It's a large piece (about 3' x 2') by this artist:
Some shitty photos of recent acquisitions:
I think you may have been aiming your cessna at the wrong part of the tarmac, Max.
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