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Rivera. So wonderful.
The drive from LA to Western Colorado at least is amazing. I'd recommend taking some less traveled roads through Utah especially.
yup. Figured it was the perfect denouement for Urszawa.
Not our photos, but what max and I ate.
Franklin Hills between Los Feliz and Silverlake. You're not moving out of city are you?
until they hit 24 and turn into shar peis
Manton. Join us.
well FWIW, I have yet to meet lawyerdad, foodguy, or most of the LA people.
I think one more walk around my neighborhood and Matt will be convinced to move down here. Gome and Manton are basically the same when it comes to meet-up attempts: "Hey, late notice but I'm anchored in a boat off Catalina Island. Would be happy to have you join if you can make it to San Pedro and charter a ferry in the next hour or two." Must be a NYC thing
this looks nice. details?
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