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Elf is the only veggie/vegan place I've been to that does this very obvious thing. Most of their dishes are just great vegetable tagines or pastas.
After a hellish 47 page criminal law final, my first year of law school is DONE. best recipe site ive ever seen. A sample: Spiced Poached Lard Serves 4 You will need: 70ml soy sauce 90g lard 150ml apple sauce 140g raisins Instructions: pre-heat the oven to 210 C eat the soy sauce defrost the raisins discard the raisins fry the lard heat the lard in the saucepan lightly fry the lard sauté the apple sauce bake for 20 minutes and serve hot
Not really true anymore. Govan really turned it around. Partially a timing thing with the new building and exhibits opening right as MoCA fired Schimmel and The Hammer lost Garrels.
Arctic Char is pretty boring
I went to Racion last night, which became really really good since the last time we were there about a year ago.
I've seen shitty morels at WF too
Rivera. So wonderful.
The drive from LA to Western Colorado at least is amazing. I'd recommend taking some less traveled roads through Utah especially.
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