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Go to Guelaguetza. Go now.
I can at least say that it isn't often that I have an entirely new dining experience.also, Cioppino at Maccheroni Republic last night. It was great.
Yeah, the Alhambra one. Hour and a half wait, but it smelled so amazing when I went in that I suspended my normal rule about waiting a long time for food.
I ate at Chengdu. Thought I had experienced sichuan cuisine before but apparently not. When my face started to go numb and the peppercorns hit my stomach I almost had a panic attack. Would eat again.
Matt told me I should spend some of my student loans on Urasawa.
Elf is the only veggie/vegan place I've been to that does this very obvious thing. Most of their dishes are just great vegetable tagines or pastas.
After a hellish 47 page criminal law final, my first year of law school is DONE.
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