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So considering where you live, I guess some men are islands.
Is Paula Deen really getting canned for admitting that she said the N-Word privately 30 years ago?
That's actually a great thing about it. DC sucks as a city but there are opportunities you can't really get elsewhere.
Don't know yet, but they'd have to give me a lot for me to give up UCLA, who offered me about 60k. Still, really nice for the ego to get in to a T14. This has been a crazy cycle. At the beginning I felt really lucky to get in to Pepperdine.
Just got into Georgetown Law
In brown or black it looks like a feminist's gnarly winter bush.
It was before so I guess I should have called her my fiance. We ordered wings at a pub we walk to sometimes and she discovered that I like wings but not the dip. Genevieve's reaction was like Manton's.Same thread, it's just a little lived in now.
New Posts  All Forums: