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Sunday we did carne asada tacos, grilled artichokes, and shrimp ceviche. Made ratatouille last night with eggs on top. Will probably have the rest with rice and an herb salad tonight. God I love summer eating.
That's fair. And again, not a huge preservationist here. I would love for an F-5 tornado to touch down in Alamo Square and lift that postcard right off the block.
I'm not religiously pro-preservation or anything, but I think the attitude in your post is the same held by the people that have been turning places like Forest Hills and Beverly Hills into awful shit holes. Maybe that sort of thing is inevitable and I won't lose too much sleep over it either way, but I think the idea that people don't owe anything to the visible character of their neighborhood is an ugly one.
So in your opinion people have no responsibility to their communities and neighbors?
Does anyone know what this hanging lamp is?
It's gazpacho time.
New Posts  All Forums: