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To Mr. Dignity, the guy who moves in to a new apartment, sees a mirror held against the wall with painter's tape, and says "Perfect! I don't have to do anything to this place!"
Nah, I've always kind of despised the Arts District. There's one good gallery there and it's owned by friends, so I eat at this taco stand and go to Tony's maybe once a month. If I don't have cash I eat at Pizzanista, which is bland hipster pizza similar to Garage. I don't like spending a lot on fancy tacos, because it's never much better than the cheap stuff, if better at all.
Speaking of, last night I had a few of the tacos from the family that's always at 7th/Mateo at night. I wouldn't tell someone to go out of their way to have them, but they're always pretty damn good, especially for $1 each.
So considering where you live, I guess some men are islands.
Is Paula Deen really getting canned for admitting that she said the N-Word privately 30 years ago?
That's actually a great thing about it. DC sucks as a city but there are opportunities you can't really get elsewhere.
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