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I forget if someone posted this already
I've done a bunch of work on our home but half of it is a nursery. I'm tempted to post it though, so that the peanut gallery can criticize me for not having pink walls or themed wallpaper or something.
Bamboo is awful. What is wrong with you people? And again, not going to cut on it. Leaning towards maple, though I think walnut and dark wood generally looks a lot better. Good question about true block or pieces. I think the former because we were told time would depend on what pieces were in stock, but I'm not totally sure.
Does this matter? We're not going to cut on it.super helpful! thanks!
Any recs on butcher block counters with white cabinets? Our contractor recommends maple, but not so sure on the light wood. Walnut is nice, but twice as expensive.
Went with Smeg, but panel-ready instead of the retro design. It will just be one of our cabinets.Counters will be butcher block.
Any other recs in the ~2k range?
Should we get a Smeg or a Bosch? The Smeg is really beautiful in person, albeit a little more retro than my taste is usually. The Bosch is narrow and decent looking and has 2 more cubic feet of space. price is roughly equivalent. can't decide if the size difference is substantial enough to trump the better looking machine. Smeg (white with bottom freezer): Bosch
Tangent, but as part of the work we're doing at the moment, we finally replaced the aluminum windows in our front room with wood ones. Our contractor's window guy salvaged the frames from the 1920s windows on a wall we removed, and then salvaged door molding from the same wall to use as window molding, so that it would match that of the older windows remaining. He milled a sill that matches perfectly and we are having new sashes milled.Anyways, when our handyman came over...
Thoughts on the new Eli Broad museum? I like it, but people have been complaining (natch) that it isn't as good as the rendering. The reality does kind of look like a cheese grater Rendering: Reality:
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