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No one transfers to USC to pay less, dumb ass.
why would my friend have transferred from a good school to a shitty school?
Just one month left before we pass it off to a new batch of suckers editors. btw, a friend of mine transferred to your alma mater and showed me the write on. I thought UCLA's was bad but that thing was a beast.That's disgusting.
law review.
got an offer from a great firm. looks like the law school gamble may have worked out
I have a lovely bunch of coconuts
I forget if someone posted this already http://www.colorsmagazine.com/blog/article/drones-on-rugs
I've done a bunch of work on our home but half of it is a nursery. I'm tempted to post it though, so that the peanut gallery can criticize me for not having pink walls or themed wallpaper or something.
Bamboo is awful. What is wrong with you people? And again, not going to cut on it. Leaning towards maple, though I think walnut and dark wood generally looks a lot better. Good question about true block or pieces. I think the former because we were told time would depend on what pieces were in stock, but I'm not totally sure.
Does this matter? We're not going to cut on it.super helpful! thanks!
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