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That would be the difference between being a Zionist and not supporting Israel, which is different (and fine).Please respond promptly so I can continue to avoid studying for my last law school finals.
Is there? This seems more like a claim thrown around to shut up anyone who points out that self-professed anti-Zionists pretty much all want to undermine the existence of Israel and see it as an illegitimate state.
Guys, if you could stop posting idiocy like this it would really be nice for me. Aside from being offensive to some people, its real crime is that it isn't funny.
sorry man. that's rough.
Can anyone recommend a nice cigarette case? Simple > Ornate
No one transfers to USC to pay less, dumb ass.
why would my friend have transferred from a good school to a shitty school?
Just one month left before we pass it off to a new batch of suckers editors. btw, a friend of mine transferred to your alma mater and showed me the write on. I thought UCLA's was bad but that thing was a beast.That's disgusting.
law review.
New Posts  All Forums: