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Check out some stuff by Eldar Djangirov. Might be right up your alley.--Some other jazz artists I think are great that haven't been mentioned yet (these are a bit more current): Dana Hall, Takuya Kuroda, Ahmad Jamal, Bobby Watson, Alaadeen.
Not a barber, but I've been going here the last 3 years: If you decide go here, I'd ask for Maria or Lauren. There is a barber shop located right next door to them, but I've never tried them.
PM sent.
I bought one of these last year. 80/20 wool/nylon seems to be fairly common these days, although 100% wool pea coats do exist. Even Sterlingwear has 80/20 models right now. I've seen some pea coats go as low as 40/40/20 wool/polyester/rayon (usually women's). You can just remove the thread to the pockets and open them yourself. I had to do that on mine. Enjoy the coat, I get compliments on mine all the time.
Watch left. Mouse with right. Combination locks with right.
I used to live in a city about 5 minutes away from a shopping mall. The neighborhood and mall are fairly nice, not a bad part of the city by any means. I was nowhere near when it happened, but there was a murder-suicide in one of the department stores a few years ago. Nine dead, four wounded.
Do you snore a lot and/or overweight? If so, sleep apnea could be a possibility.
If comparing US vs China, I'll try to go for the US made item if I can. Not as often if it's US vs Japan or Germany.
Luxottica group. Yes.
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