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Absolutely +1.
Interesting post Pliny. There's a lot there and this 'debate' seems somewhat pointless in this thread; as you said, maybe a formal debate once removed from this shirt, the ghastliness of which seems to be causing legitimate fits among certain respondents. It's also drawing out a certain brand of moron (see directly above) that I just haven't encountered on SF; I spend 99% of my time in the B & S area and never venture into MC. If this is the type of thing that's going on...
Thanks for the response.
I'll have to totally disagree, and I have no doubt that the designers at Duchamp would be with me. I really really hate to say this, but the fact is that I can pull off a shirt like this whereas others probably can't. Skin tone has something to do with it, and attitude has something to do with it as well. Even though I'm going to be wearing this shirt primarily on stage, I would wear it off stage in the right situation with no hesitation. I wore it once, and the two women...
Great, thanks. I'll throw chocolate on the list as well. Navy is getting the most votes out of the colours that hadn't occurred to me. Clearly a blue-ish suit jacket is going to be necessary for those colours.
Yeah, and that suit is on sale right now! It's made of mohair, though, and I have no idea what that's all about. In any case, it won't be the first time a new suit has been purchased to fit a shirt, I suppose. I'll think it over. I understand that the majority here are advising against wearing that shirt with a black suit. I do have a blue suit here but it's a Samuelsohn and a little too straight for this shirt, I think.
What an eye opener this thread is. I scan the Duchamp website and see some of the beautiful pieces there, and I look at this shirt which is so well-made. I truly do not understand the idea that this shirt is 'loud'. Didn't everyone see the Bijan thread? I mean, seriously. Loud?
Yes, I saw that tie at the Duchamp site. This whole question came up for me because the first time I wore the shirt, I wore a black tie with a faint pattern and a woman who I was working with said 'Love that shirt but you need to wear a solid tie' so I was feeling like maybe a pattern was a mistake with the stripes. The Duchamp website shows that they sure as hell don't think a pattern in the tie is a mistake with this shirt. Thanks for the response.
M-C, thanks a lot for that helpful post and for the pics. I have not yet progressed to the point where I'm past staple suit colours and jackets as anything other than a part of a suit, but I probably need to expand my horizons a bit. Your mid grey idea seems to have been seconded below so I'm going to try that as a first choice other than black.
Ah, right. I didn't think of that. But then how did sellers post pics in the old forums? Everyone had to use some sort of hosting service and do it manually, right? Maybe the mods had a lot of complaints from prospective sellers who said they didn't know how to post links from Photobucket etc?
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