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A., you have a PM!!
Hey, this is the one right here http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2015696,00.asp I sent you a PM
Thanks, even better idea!
Thanks, good idea
Thanks Brian, I kind of figured that where the sellers are, there would be some guys with eBay experience. It seems you're right though. No way to do it. I don't particularly want to ask the guy to go off eBay for this one. I'll at least establish a few sales before trying that.
Hope the mods will leave this here for a few hours - the other forum is now an archive only. I'm doing my first selling on eBay. A buyer contacted me with an offer for an item just after the auction for the item had expired. I want to put the item up so that he can click on it as a Buy It Now. I know this might sound silly, but is there any way I can set it up so that I can send only this buyer a link to buy it (via the eBay Messaging system)? I know it's not likely that...
Yep, same for me. PM function was busted yesterday for a few hours, system wouldn't send them.In addition, page load times for pics posted using the in-built system in Classifieds is ridiculous. If a thread starter doesn't post IMG links that make the actual picture appear in the body of a thread, I simply navigate away. I can't be bothered to click on the thumbnail near the sig and then sit there trying to scroll through the pics using that viewer window that pops up. It...
I hover over this member's name in his FS thread, and get a drop down menu which includes his profile, the option to block him, to send a PM, etc. http://www.styleforum.net/t/273769/arcteryx-veilance-field-jacket/0_100 However, it does not include the one thing I would most likely be looking for (at least, the first time I hover) - his trader feedback!! You have to click on his profile and then click again to get that. What's the reasoning behind this?
I'm clearing out some unused gift cards that have been in my desk for a while. I checked them all today and they're fine (for Canada). If anyone in the States is interested, I'll check with the retailer whether they can be used down there. All prices in $CDN 1. ALDO gift card, worth $63, asking $45 2. Club Monaco gift card, worth $281, asking $230. 3. HMV gift cards, 3 of them with a total value of $124 ($50, $40 and $34), asking $105 We can meet in Toronto to verify...
Yes, I posted here a few weeks ago (#375 above) that you can't save information in the drop down menus at the bottom of the search page, like the choice to sort by 'relevance' or 'creation date'. So you can save a search but then every time you use it you have to go and manually set those parameters. Kind of defeats the purpose of being able to save a search. Results for a search appear in an order that is apparently the result of a sort by 'relevance'. The system doesn't...
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