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Hi guys I'll be in NYC for a few days at the beginning of November, and my WTB thread for Spurr Pipe Legs isn't getting me the results I'm used to. Does anyone know if there's somewhere I can go in NYC (hopefully Manhattan) to get a better deal that the standard $325+ retail? I'm looking for the Spurr Pipe Leg in Rigid denim. I only have experience with last year's line, the ones with the bigger leather patch on them. Thanks.
PM'd you.
Win 7 64, Chrome m. Not sure where in the process a static screenshot would help. Probably one of those Camtasia video captures would be best but I don't have the time tonight.
Glitch report When browsing the 'Buying And Selling: Men's Clothing Classifieds' section, I scroll down page 1 until I find something I want to view. I click on the link for the sale and view the contents (just the main page, without clicking on any pictures). I then click the back button. I am taken back to page 1, and I can tell that the software knows exactly where I was when I clicked through to the individual sale because when the browser takes me back, I see the...
Looking for the Spurr Pipe Leg in rigid, size 32 or 33. I've purchased several of these from SF, and it's time for a new batch. I love the way they look when they're new but I have found that they fade pretty quickly. Possibly this is by design. I'll need a pic of the leather patch to make sure about which model year I'm dealing with. Shipping will be to Toronto. Please indicate your asking price in your PM. by the way, this is the exact pair I'm looking for in 32 or...
I don't think there's an unwritten rule about no returns, it's just that asking to return something that doesn't fit is the act of a wimp. I think that some guys might even accept returns from established buyers, if the buyer eats the return shipping. Having said that, what a load of bullshit from this buyer. I don't believe for a second that he took one shoe out of the box, tried it on, and never even looked at the other one. I've never done that in my life, even when...
Trading is the ultimate test of individual judgement. Decisions are evaluated by measuring one thing - equity. There is no one or no thing responsible for my equity, except me and my decisions. There's nothing 'sure' in trading, except that bulls make money, bears make money and pigs get slaughtered. I used to think this was a corny bit of rhetoric, but I've learned over the years just how true it is. I didn't say I was sure. My statement reflects my belief, a strongly...
Well, let's try to be as accurate as possible. If you're talking about an indexed buy and hold strat for the U.S. equities markets, you would have to amend that statement to read "a 40 year investment may return close to 10% annually"
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