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Got my bracelets today and they are awesome. Order with confidence, you will not be disappointed!
With respect, it doesn't make sense to you because you're not someone with a high net worth. People who can afford Kiton (I mean really afford, not afford buying one discount suit from here) have different priorities than you do. Time is one, and getting a bespoke suit is a process. With Kiton, they can have a beautiful suit and have it tailored a bit and be wearing it in 48 hours. Spending $5000 doesn't matter, it's like you spending $50.
This sentence is total bullshit. First of all, he absolutely does not need the pickup tag. I have picked up many times from my local outlet in a drugstore (as is the case here) without the tag. All you need is the postal code, the delivery address and your ID, assuming the delivery is in your name.And regarding 'not knowing what ID' he needs to bring, this is even more bullshit. ID is ID in Canada, and 99% of the time that means driver's license or other government issued...
Amazing how misinformed some folks are. If you really care enough to educate yourself, try asking a dietitian whether starving yourself all day and then stuffing in 1500 cal just before sleep is the optimal way to lose fat.You and your bodybuilder buddy are on ignore. You can post just to show you know how to get the last word, but I won't see it.
Here, I'll fix this for you"...this is why I start with dismissive condescension instead of starting a real discussion when dealing with people. Because internet trolling has given me a new lease on life". : )Really, 2nd my last post here.
I'll respond in your (initial) style.lmaoROTFLMAO.wtf?My last post here. I think the OP got enough continuity in the responses to formulate a plan. Losing weight for the vast majority is a matter of behavioural adjustment. For these people, not being able to take the weight off means you have a weakness. Either you'll overcome it or you won't. Failure doesn't matter. All that matter is whether or not you try again.
There you go - a grown up response. Don't you feel better? You're wrong, but that doesn't matter.I get the impression that you're one of these muscle building types who has no connection to the needs of the average couch potato who's trying to shed the gut. For the majority of them, there are lifestyle changes that are needed, and cutting out the late night Haagen Dazs is crucial.I'll put it another way. The whole battle for the majority of people is behavioral, and not...
Come on! Be a man. Stand up and say what you mean. Don't hide behind the troll-acronyms! : ).Shaking your head why? Because you think people who are trying to lose fat should eat a lot just before going to bed?
I had to look this one up. I guess I'm too old. : )So 'smh' means 'shaking my head'? If so, don't be a wimp. Speak up, boy! Why are you 'shaking your head' about the idea that you shouldn't eat late at night? Your advice for someone who's trying to lose weight is to down a pint of Haagen-Dazs and then hit the hay?
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