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is this for real? I'm not the only one for whom the Classifieds don't show up in Tapatalk? This is nearly two years after the redesign of the forum?
This is exactly why I don't get involved anymore. Dude, I have no idea who you are, and if you're still hanging on to some perceived slight from the past on a forum, you need to get a life. I've made maybe 50 posts in threads like this in the entire time I've been here.By the way, how ironic that I'm seen here arguing against an absolutist. Hmmmm....now what could that possibly mean.Once and for all, out.
I used to be able to engage in this type of exchange for longer periods, but I just don't have the heart anymore. The answer to your question should take into account what I mentioned about the engineering the tobacco firms did, and is rooted in the difference between what is criminal and what, by any standard, can be considered ethical.I despise moral relativism, in all its forms.
Okay, we can agree to disagree. I believe that combusted nicotine, and more specifically, partially combusted nicotine , is a part of what makes cigarette smoke carcinogenic.
I can't think of a useful response to this.Out.
You offer a tellingly qualified defence of combusted nicotine, with two big disclaimers in there ('not the big risk factor', ' some evidence that it may be'). What we know is that cigarettes cause cancer. I did point out that there may be interaction with other chems.I invite you to inhale 100% pure combusted nicotine, without all the chems. Do it for about 15 years and we'll run a few tests on you to see if you have an precancerous cells in your lung tissue.
I never said, nor do I believe, that cigarettes should be illegal.
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