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I ordered two pairs. Freebird was very upfront about both pairs. One was a first and the other had a flaw so imperceptible that I still can't see it, having received the shoes and inspected them in bright light. It's all about the seller when buying seconds. Mine were a great deal.
No affiliation, but I can vouch for Freebird's deals. Just grabbed two pairs of AE from him. My first AE and I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Definitely solid SF value.
For sale are a pair of Puma Repli Cat III L Fashion sneakers. These were worn exactly one time, and never outdoors. I got them from eBay and I'm selling them because they are way too tight. I found out after buying that Repli Cat fit a full 1/2 size small. These are tagged size 10 but I'm a natural 10D and there's no way these are 10D. They will be perfect for a natural 9.5D. You can see in picture 3 that there is what appears to be either a bit of foam liner or a bit of...
Thanks for the info, Roger. I've seen a pair of Vass U last and they didn't look like anything but amazing to me, and didn't look any 'longer' than i.e. my Santoni Ellistons. I see you're in Oakville. If you're 10D and you ever need to move a pair, I'm just up the road! That is, if I don't cave first.
Sorry - totally off topic:LA Guy!!!Please respond to your PM if you want to collect a large payment for this year's Ronald McDonald Children's Charity auction!!
Yeah, I suspected that was the case. I spend enough time around the B & S. If there was something that compared, I figured I would have heard about it. Thanks, I'll try a search for the Weybridge.
Hi guys I'm wondering if AE makes anything comparable to the amazing Vass U last http://www.zimmermannkim.com/blog/2011/12/23/vass-oxblood-v-cap/?lang=ko Now... being an SF degen, I've upped my game and purchased a few pairs of ~$300 shoes here. I could go full pop for a pair of real U last, but I'm not quite there (probably >$800 when Canadian shipping, exchange, and potential import duties are included). In addition, these shoes are for work and get beaten on pretty...
Amazing suit. I bought the first one. You will not be disappointed if you're considering this.
If your stuff were 40R/10D, I'd be broke.
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