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Yes, I posted here a few weeks ago (#375 above) that you can't save information in the drop down menus at the bottom of the search page, like the choice to sort by 'relevance' or 'creation date'. So you can save a search but then every time you use it you have to go and manually set those parameters. Kind of defeats the purpose of being able to save a search. Results for a search appear in an order that is apparently the result of a sort by 'relevance'. The system doesn't...
First off, with your complexion, you can actually do a broader palette of colours than very light skinned guys can do (in my opinion). I'm guessing you live in India, right? You're not going to get much help here in terms of 'what colours should I wear, what colours go with what other colours'. The best thing to do, if you're really interested in dressing better, is to peruse magazines etc., find things you like and then try to emulate them. One thing is for sure, judging...
Seeing the same thing all the time, Chrome + WIN 7 Enterprise.Also, when I try to save a search (using Advanced Search), I cannot save the 'Find Threads From' and 'Sort Results By' parameters. The keyword gets saved, the choice of 'Titles Only' gets saved, and my choice of which forums I want to search in gets saved, but I have to manually use the drop-down menus to get the 2 parameters I mentioned to where I want them.
I need an iPod Nano for running. I've been using the 2nd Gen, don't really need anything more than that. Would prefer the 8 GB model. I'm not having much luck via the local buy/sell site so I thought I'd try here. Shipping would be to Toronto, which might make it less than worthwhile, I'm not sure. If you have one kicking around and you want to ship it up here, let me know. Prefer to deal with members with some BST feedback or eBay feedback or something like that.
You gotta know I'm going to be all over these : )
If you're located at or near a major centre, try to go downtown or to a higher-end mall and spend a few hours looking around. Write down some names. I get the sense that you will be looking for at least some stuff on the Streetwear and Denim side.If you live far away from a major centre, it'll make it harder for sure. One way or another you'll have to invest some time, I think.
This isn't the thread for it. All I can tell you is that I used to spend a whole lot of time (too much time probably) perusing the Classifieds and because of the changes, I don't spend nearly as much time now. Sorry, that's just my $0.02. I am a big SF fan and I had no problem with them trying to monetize the site, but the rollout was an unmitigated disaster and whoever they claim to have had doing 'pre-testing' of the beta site must have been folks who never spent two...
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