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Hi guys I need some help identifying this TOJ jacket. I bought it a couple of years back here on SF and although it's amazing and buttery soft, it just didn't make it into the rotation. I tried some searches but couldn't find this exact one (the official TOJ thread is a bit long so I thought I'd try here before going through every post). I'm sure it's not that hard to identify. Buttery soft means...probably lamb, right? If anyone can give me even an indication of fair B...
I ordered two pairs. Freebird was very upfront about both pairs. One was a first and the other had a flaw so imperceptible that I still can't see it, having received the shoes and inspected them in bright light. It's all about the seller when buying seconds. Mine were a great deal.
No affiliation, but I can vouch for Freebird's deals. Just grabbed two pairs of AE from him. My first AE and I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Definitely solid SF value.
For sale are a pair of Puma Repli Cat III L Fashion sneakers. These were worn exactly one time, and never outdoors. I got them from eBay and I'm selling them because they are way too tight. I found out after buying that Repli Cat fit a full 1/2 size small. These are tagged size 10 but I'm a natural 10D and there's no way these are 10D. They will be perfect for a natural 9.5D. You can see in picture 3 that there is what appears to be either a bit of foam liner or a bit of...
Thanks for the info, Roger. I've seen a pair of Vass U last and they didn't look like anything but amazing to me, and didn't look any 'longer' than i.e. my Santoni Ellistons. I see you're in Oakville. If you're 10D and you ever need to move a pair, I'm just up the road! That is, if I don't cave first.
Sorry - totally off topic:LA Guy!!!Please respond to your PM if you want to collect a large payment for this year's Ronald McDonald Children's Charity auction!!
Yeah, I suspected that was the case. I spend enough time around the B & S. If there was something that compared, I figured I would have heard about it. Thanks, I'll try a search for the Weybridge.
Hi guys I'm wondering if AE makes anything comparable to the amazing Vass U last http://www.zimmermannkim.com/blog/2011/12/23/vass-oxblood-v-cap/?lang=ko Now... being an SF degen, I've upped my game and purchased a few pairs of ~$300 shoes here. I could go full pop for a pair of real U last, but I'm not quite there (probably >$800 when Canadian shipping, exchange, and potential import duties are included). In addition, these shoes are for work and get beaten on pretty...
Amazing suit. I bought the first one. You will not be disappointed if you're considering this.
If your stuff were 40R/10D, I'd be broke.
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