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If your stuff were 40R/10D, I'd be broke.
is this for real? I'm not the only one for whom the Classifieds don't show up in Tapatalk? This is nearly two years after the redesign of the forum?
A step in the right direction for sure! It needs a bit of tweaking IMO. A little too washed out on all my monitors including a 3007FPW with a nice S-IPS panel in it. The font is definitely one increment too small. In the BST area, it's hard to see the lines that separate the ads. Also, there needs to be significantly more contrast between the background color of posts and the white border which surrounds them (where the username appears). On all my monitors they appear...
The new look is a step in the right direction, but the default is too washed-out looking. I can't see the dividing lines between ads in the BST area. You need to tweak the colors so that it doesn't look so washed out and so that division between on-screen elements is sharper. For example, on this page there needs to be slightly more contrast between the background color of the post itself and the border which surrounds it (the white area in which our screen names appear.).
I'm not a troll so I'm not going to get into a long exchange with you on this. I appreciate the response. I went back to see when the big switchover happened. I can hardly believe this (you'll notice I said 'months' since the change to Huddler occurred) but has it been a year and a half?? Sorry j. To me, something's wrong.The sorting function, which was supposed to be one of the bedrock changes that we could take advantage of, has been busted for 4 weeks. I don't believe...
I'll say what so many are thinking. It's shocking that those who run this site would be working on changing the color of the pages instead of making sure that the forum actually works. This particular problem has been reported publicly and via PM by how many people? Over how many weeks? Did one of the mods say today 'I can't replicate the issue'?? Hopefully I misread, because that would be extremely difficult to understandI feel like I can say all this because I am someone...
+1After the rollout debacle I started coming here less and less. Tonight after a number of months away, I came back to look for some shoes. The first f***ing thing that happens is that the software fails and I get this error message.It is beyond belief that the forums still isn't up and running properly. They ruined the BST forums, plain and simple.
Good conditions!
You're right. The only thing that's worse is if a woman shows up and upstages the bride.1. Wear a tie.2. You have an opportunity here that a lot of people won't get. Because of the anonymity of the 'net, people are willing to say things to you that they wouldn't say face to face. Often it will be bogus flaming, but in this case, it's valuable for you.Here's the deal - if that's the expression you usually put on your face when someone points a camera at you, change it.
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