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Hi guys I have recently purchased a few shirts which require cuff links. I have seen some stuff on eBay but I have a feeling it's not worth much. I'm looking for a deal on a few sets from someone who has a bunch and doesn't wear them. I prefer simple designs with clean lines. These will be worn with white shirts under Charcoal suits (not black!!) Hope that's enough information. Do I match cuff links with ties? If so I will post the colors of my 3 or 4...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan_L could someone also tell me if this is right..... is yoox cheaper if u select your country as USA instead of another?? i tried surfing around logged into my country as "USA" and i noticed the products were cheaper than when i was surfing around as "Australia".? The difference is due to the exchange rate and the fact that the Australian dollar does not trade at par with the USD.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrulySnob You have several PM about that tie, please contact Thanks You also had a PM a while back about the Blue Chambray - I thought the fact that I got no response was because you didn't like the offer, but maybe it just slipped through the cracks...?
PM on 2762S
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Sold (pending payment). The second lot is great value too! That Kilspindie was/ is not cheap and the Boss is NWOT. Paypal ready to go but check your PM first.
That first lot is too much value. Send it to me, I'll give them to a bigger friend if they don't fit me.
These have to be a steal for someone!
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa If it were a muted blue and muted blue socks, then that would seem a bit more appropriate. But the bigger issue, in my opinion, is more the matchy-matchy. Using your example, blue socks with a pink shirt PLUS a pocket square or tie that marries the two would be a lot better looking. Yes, this is the level I want to get to. I guess that in the end I just have to experiement a bit and try to trust my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Osprey Guy I'd guess that I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 600-700 shirts... Where I'm going with all this is that I've always felt that when possible/practical, men should have fun with their clothes. Stop worrying so much about "rules"...Reach out and discover your own comfort level. And to that end...by all mean, match your socks with your shirts. I do. Dennis, thanks for that! I'll be looking hard...
vox et al, your pics allow one to really know what it means to be 'speechless'. I cannot tell you how much I covet that type of collection. I just bought my first pair of Ferragamos from a member here. I'll refrain from posting a pic.
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