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Quote: Originally Posted by Daskb I Have 3 Pairs Of Croc Loafers From Lv That Alone Will Take Your Idol To Eat Dirt, Needless To Talk About Other Stuff. Bring It On (cough... hack.... cough). Even a lowly noob like me has already figured out who aportnoy is and what the name means vis-a-vis shoes. Slow motion train wreck. Unfortunately, the comment above about feeding the troll is probably correct. The internet is the greatest thing to ever...
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Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Look on eBay or the Buying & Selling forum on this board...there are usually good deals for really high quality shoes. Allen Edmonds is a brand that most people, including myself, start with. Generally affordable, good quality, and style...and you can find them in the $120-$150 range on eBay. As a matter of fact, I just registered up at eBay and I'm there right now scrolling through the search results for...
Bertie: "What do ties matter, Jeeves, at a time like this? Do you realise that Mr. Little's domestic happiness is hanging in the scale?" Jeeves: "There is no time, sir, when ties do not matter." From Clustering round Young Bingo Uncle Fred going into the suburbs with Bingo - simply some of the funniest prose in the English language.
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Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Define slip-on.... This may not answer your question, but it all depends... you can't have poor quality shoes go with a high quality suit...it kills the whole look. On the contrary, that helps. Like I said, I am a newcomer to the world of real clothing and real shoes as opposed to Aldo-type shoes (hope this reference even means something to most of you). The words Kiton, Zegna etc. meant nothing to me a...
Jason et al I got lucky - I responded to an ad for a TaT suit for sale in my size and it turns out the seller was in my city! It's a black One Button Notch Lapel. It fit remarkably well, and needless to say I grabbed it. My question is this - the cuffs on these trousers will be higher than any cuffs I have ever had. The entire shoe will be showing (I am searching for a shoe with a nicely pointed toe). Is it a mistake to wear these trousers with slip-on shoes? Should...
Excellent, thanks Brian.
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