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Fairly predictable response when you come into a thread where there are a bunch of people who think _____ is amazing and say 'I've seen ______ and it's nothing special'. On top of that, we see the pic.As you said, he made a few valid points, badly.
I'm sorry, but if you actually bought that studded abomination pictured earlier (at any price) your assessment of what's 'special' is actually a contrarian indicator.In addition, if you paid $1500 for a leather jacket, you're admitting that value calculations are subjective.
Guys, I'm in NYC today and tomorrow. Can anyone suggest a few places i can go to look for a decent deal on shoes? Budget is $200-$400. Looking specifically for something to replace my Santoni Elliston oxfords but also need single monks. Want to stick to Manhattan if possible. Any advice is appreciated.
Considering that jackets are being delivered recently, I'd say this is a bit melodramatic. More accurate to say that anyone who places an order or buys a spot now is a risk taker.Doesn't change the fact that the whole thing is a total train wreck, but the outcome is still up in the air.
Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the problem here is that these order were placed (literally) years ago and the cc companies have a time limit on requesting chargeback.
Fair enough, but if I had been waiting almost 2 years for a jacket and had seen multiple promised delivery dates come and go and communications between the company and its customers shut down, that jab at the end would feel like an elbow smash to the jaw hinge.Having said that, at this point I guess it's pretty naive to expect any sort of Mea Culpa from these guys. Too bad. I have a TOJ jacket here that I grabbed from B & S and I would definitely buy a new one, if I had...
???Feel badly for those who have waited a year or more. I truly hope you see your product one day.
Hi guys A buddy of mine is looking for a black sous col. He's having trouble finding one for a reasonable price. I have no idea why they might be priced higher than i.e. a decent bow tie. http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/silk-bow-ties-retro-sous-col-in-bordeaux-silk-satin_cod46353880rm.html# If you have one, shoot me a PM and please include your asking price. Shipping is to Toronto. Thanks.
Okay, thanks for the confirmation.
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