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lol. I guess this means 'no'.
On that we can agree. Dude.
Welcome to SF.So you're saying that Drew has nothing to apologize for? Or are you saying that even if someone has something to apologize for, Canadians are the only ones who actually apologize?
I'm just curious. At any time during this debacle, has Drew ever come on here and said anything like this? "To all those waiting almost two years for your jackets, I'm sorry. It wasn't ever meant to go this way'.
How old are you? Seriously, I think it's relevant.
I have no skin in the waiting game being played out here (actually bought my DR used from here a couple of years back) and I think that TOJ has been treating its customers like shit.Having said that, you're either a troll or else you're seriously misguided. I'm guessing it's the worse of the two.
We can agree that $800 isn't the end of the world, but that doesn't really matter imo. We'll have to (strongly) disagree on this.Let's say someone ordered a jacket by paying Drew in cash (local deal). Drew said 'you'll have your jacket in 12-16 weeks'. 80 weeks later, no jacket, so the customer posts on a forum where potential Drew customers hang out and tells his story. Drew reads the posts and tells the guy 'fuck you, you're not getting a jacket. Sue me if you want'....
Okay. I've just been lurking and marvelling at this thread, which has truly delivered.Your other posts don't seem too absurd, but this one is....hard to believe, to put it politely. So you're suggesting this guy would be 'screwing someone else' by hanging on to a jacket that has shown up after 18 months, sent by a group of people who have fucked over their best customers and suggested that anyone who complains about it is an asshole? A group of people who have taken their...
Someone in the earlier thread asked how the wholecuts run. I added the info to the main post as well. I am a natural 10D right on the number and these are a tiny bit big on me. Having said that, they're not too big for me to wear. I'm not an expert on Euro shoe sizing but according to the conversion charts I'm seeing online, these are a standard 43 which is somewhere around or a little larger than a U.S. 10D (rarely smaller, so it seems, but again correct me if I'm...
** Wholecuts are gone. New Price Drop on the boots. I'm up for trades if anyone has anything they want to move! Must be 10D.** Up for sale are 2 pair of BNIB Stefano Bemer for Valextra. Prices include shipping to USA/Canada. Only members with some feedback here, please. I’m not a serious shoe guy like some of you so if anyone has any pertinent information about these that I’ve missed, please post here or PM me! As a result of a discussion with a member here who knows...
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