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Up for sale are three pairs of Piloti shoes, two from their Casual line and one from the Luxury line. Piloti started off as a specialty firm providing racing shoes to professional drivers like Robby Gordon and Scott Pruett, as well as LeMans and Rally drivers. The new lines incorporate designs developed for the racing lines. They're built very well and they're also lightweight. Prices include shipping. Any white specks or other marks are artifacts of the photos. These...
God, how is this still here. Someone buy this to prevent me from doing so. Please.
I received a bottle of what I assumed was Terre D'Hermes cologne from a client. My own bottle is running low so I popped this open, only to discover that it's the after shave balm, which I won't use. Totally unused and un-pumped, plastic protector still on. It's the 3.3 oz bottle. Let's say $50 shipped? Or I'd be happy to trade for the cologne if you have it. If you can show me that the price is out of line I'll gladly adjust.
Excellent work here, razl. I look forward to viewing your posts. Don't stop!
No problem, thanks for the interest. Wholecuts sold today.
I would have to say yes, but only the tiniest bit, if you assume that a Euro 43 is equivalent to a 10D. I am basically a natural 10D and these fit me and I could wear them although they're just a bit snug. I have tried on other Euro 42.5 that were just a bit too small for me to wear.Hope that helps. Deal is in the works for the wholecuts.
The long post above by masshi is one of the most incoherent things I've ever read, on the internet or anywhere else. It signals the end of my participation here. The pathos in this thread has been something to seeGood luck to those who still wait for jackets/other product. We can only hope that one day, those who orchestrated this monumental fuck-up and didn't even have the decency to provide a mea culpa get a bit of payback.
Let's see, how can I put this politely? You're a lying sack of ________.And just for the record, cellulite isn't a skin issue. It's perfectly normal and the majority of women have it. Your skin issues are psychosomatic.
Really? Do you feel that way about leather jacket cuffs only, or would you say the same for cuffs on suit jackets? How about hems on pants?I'd suggest that half an inch on a suit jacket cuff could make a difference. And since we all search for the perfect inseam length to get our hems breaking (or not) the way we want, I'd say it could matter in a hem too.
New Posts  All Forums: