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Oh, we've done that. Several times.Anyone else?
We can only hope it's an ESL issue, but we've seen worse from native speakers. As you say, RIP.
Need computer help and I'm assuming that there are lots of young stylin' IT types around here : ) A friend has an older laptop running Win XP. He's about to buy a current rig with an i7 proc and Win 8. He has some audio recording software along with plug-ins that he wants to continue to use. Let`s say we make an image of his current drive on an external drive (or conceivably just rip the old drive out of the old laptop). Is it likely that we can plug that external into...
My situation - I'm moving house in 48 hours and everything is packed and already on the truck. I had cleared my schedule. Then something came up which I really need to attend. Obviously no time to buy trousers and hem them. Local consignment store has a pair of Cantarelli trousers with a very close, very faint blue pinstripe. They actually fit me very well. They also have a solid black suit jacket but that's it. I think I know the answer, but this is forbidden right?...
Jesus Christ. I was done posting here but I just have to say that this is totally unbelievable to me. Blitz the orders? Really?No fucking wonder criminals do what they do. It's just too easy.
^ This thread is not for promotion of your own FS items. Please delete the post above this.
Just another endorsement for Master-Classter. Great guy, extremely knowledgeable and patient. Why screw around on eBay or other places where you don't know for sure what you're buying, how it's been stored, etc., when you can buy directly from M-C at unbeatable prices. My only source for TF juice going forward, for as long as he's in business.
Serious challenge to find a watch that works when you're framing a house and also when you're at a black tie event. Let us know how your search goes.
Sure, your point is well taken and you're absolutely right about i.e. the Bambino. I guess I was trying to differentiate between world class movements and good solid day to day movements. I hope the ones Vincenzo are using aren't badly inferior because as you are saying, that's not really necessary in a $200 watch. They can have a decent movement in there, I'm sure. If they have fit and finish issues they really need to sort those out as well because for most people, I...
This is absolutely correct. I can make do knowing that the movement in my $175 watch isn't world class so long as I can't see any nasty build quality issues when I look at it. Kudos to Vincenzo for having the guts to put those watches up for review, and thanks to those who took the time to post those good reviews. I came here looking for ideas for a sub-$200 dress watch that I could travel with and not feel badly if it got lost/stolen. Can't get over the Stowas - love 'em...
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