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Willing to do 80$ SHIPPED I NEED THIS GONE!
BIN Dropped, this is a STEAL
BIN: 85$ Shipped - Tried on Once, Otherwise New - MSRP: 195$ - Size M/34-36 - Measurements are as follows: Armpit to Armpit:19", 27-1/2" long from shoulder, 26-1/2" long from shoulder to end Shoulder to Shoulder: 17" Length: 28-1/2" Sleeve Length: 25-1/2" Details: * Color: Dark Gray * Seasonal weight cotton sateen * Notched lapel with single-button front * Black pick-stitch detail at collar, front and pocket * Convertible flap-besom pockets and...
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont I'd take Cam over Doom. Doom is a bit better lyrically but stylistically he is boring and his beats are monotonous. I say this only hearing 4-5 of his songs to be honest. doom is more of a love em/hate em of yet i still havent seen anyone in a "middle-ground" when it comes to doom.....u either get em or you dont
props on the Y Society....they need more exposure...insight is DOPE
was looking forward to infinie undiscovery... ...than found it only clocks in at around 15-20 hours hopefully the game/story/etc. will still be epic square enix has been f*cking up starting to think theyre content laying on their laurels and just using the SE name to sell their games
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Yeah, there are some wallets that have a small, zipped section where you can store coins. They usually tend to be rather bulky, though. +1 on the bulky....even impractical depending on your tastes no one can possibly be carrying around that many coins that they would need a second wallet/holder.....just keep em in your pocket and transfer to your coin holder later?
99% of the people ive seen wearing ed hardy look like HUGE tools
matrix grooming clay
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster If you were at 6% bodyfat, your abs would have come out to play a long time ago. c/s....i smell bs abs start appearing at ~9-10 bodyfat.....most important for abs is eating right,
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