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I know how to cook?
Verry nice, bulkeater11211!! Did you have to size down or up? Cheers!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcibiades Looks like Wolverine is shipping the Addison, just in time for the fall. I have one reserved at Leffot, I'll stop by teh store this weekend to take a look. Leffot doesn't sell online do they? How are you going to choose the size? Now that the Addisons are here, I'm in a panic to know what size I need before they sell out. Cheers!
Lots of Vintage 1950's items listed in the past few days: VINTAGE 1950's HOLLYWOOD JACKET - NWOT Sz 38, $49.99 VINTAGE 1950'S ROCK N ROLL SLACKS w/TUNNEL LOOPS - NWOT, $49.99 40's 50's Printed Pull Over Knit Style CAVEMAN T Shirt, $39.99 VINTAGE 1950's PRINTED GABARDINE RICKY JACKET 38, $69.99 *RARE* BIG SANDY AND THE FLY RITE TRIO T-SHIRT (1990), $9.99 AWESOME 1950'S GABARDINE 3/4 LENGTH JACKET Sz 38, $85.00 OBO *RARE*...
Since 1998: or the last time I was out in the field for training, I discovered this body spray:
Any updated word on the release date on these?
I'm trying my damndest to keep this thread alive I just love them there Engineer Boots! 1942
I picked these up for just over $800.00. They are from the mid-1950's and are the ultimate safety. Original 1950's Montomery Ward catalogue
Here's a nice pair of vintage 1940's / 1950's Engineer Boots. I'm not too keen on the high instep strap on the Mister Freedom boots.
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