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C&J shoe trees are decent - I would probably agree that they are overpriced. My favorite trees are for EG on 888 last.
James Smith - olive for brown shoes Brigg - black for black shoes
Not sure what "super classy" means, but you cannot go wrong with the Ray-Ban Aviators - classics.
Quote: Originally Posted by modsquad Have the New Yorkers run across any after-Christmas markdowns at Paul Smith? I swung by PS for a bit. Plenty of sweaters, but nothing caught my eye. I was hoping for a few pairs of fun socks, but to no avail.
I have 2 pairs - reverse calf (brown) and burnished calf (chestnut). They hold up very well ... solid everyday business shoe ... typical of English-made, welted shoes. I don't have pictures. I would suggest that you should go down by 1 full shoe size with Connaught's.
Despite the torrent of negative views, I find it a smart look.
1. Audley - for dress 2. Clifford - for casual wear
I love it, but you might say I am biased.
Quote: Originally Posted by trajan After doing a lot of research, looking at many watches and doing a lot of thinking, I've finally quantified what I want from my next watch. The only thing is that I don't know if it exists. This is why I'm writing this: maybe you guys can help me find it. Here's what I'd like: - I want to pay at most 2k - I want a classic look: * leather strap, black crocodile comes to mind * gold or silver case *...
Roetzel's book - in terms of breadth (not just business dress) and depth (fair treatment to all things stylish).
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