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Need more details on the bike and condition of the brakes, but that's usually caused by a dragging caliper. Bleeding it off only works until the next time you use the brakes, they'll need to be rebuilt. It's a quick/easy process though.
Have you done your MSF course and the like? It sounds like you're very uncomfortable on a bike, which is not how you should feel when you finally get on a road with traffic on it.
Not to take one side or the other, but this is one of the greatest sequences of posts I've seen, and I've been prolific on message boards for years.
The R9 still uses an air cooled Boxer.I sold my R1200GS last year. It's fun in the same way driving a big truck is fun at times, but it was definitely just utilitarian type of fun.
It's a Sport 1000, not a GT, but more or less the same. Unfortunately for my bank account it's got way too many zeroes spent on it and I haven't even ridden it in over a year. The Harley is too fun around Brooklyn, and I don't do stupid things like wheelies on the Williamsburg bridge with it.That was on Thunderbolt at NJMP.
Agreed. Back on topic, my little chopper parked against the wall and my 78 F-250 Supercab. Don't need to do the 142 miles each way to the track next time I go, so I guess I should get another track day booked soon. Need to get this thing back together, cracked the left side engine case and haven't bothered to put the 2 hours into replacing it for a year now.
99% of bikes these days still don't have slippers, you're acting as if downshifting has changed. Also, why are you downshifting in the middle of a turn? Chirping the back wheel, while not ideal, is certainly not resulting in anyone going down if they are shifting when they should be. The level where this becomes troublesome is far beyond where a new rider should be riding and is rather irrelevant.
Ah I see. Yeah the Li-polymers are much more particular about their inputs.
The energy density of the LiFePO4 batteries is higher than a conventional battery, and the issue you're speaking of really only has to do with the Ah of the battery. You could probably fit 16 cells into a hollowed out battery case and have 30+ Ah vs 16 Ah on a large convential MC battery. Or maybe I'm not totally understanding the problem you're speaking of, but I've had an 8-cell on my Ducati for 3 years and it's been great (unless it's under 40 degrees out, but I'm...
What are the voltage requirements that the Lithium batteries won't work with? Mine puts out ~13.8V which is roughly what a normal 12V battery puts out when fully charged.
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