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Since Magician is in Washington D.C, do you do any shows or anything like that? I wouldn't mind seeing a magic show...haven't been to one in a very, very long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I was watching the Tyra Banks show today (I have that kind of free time) and they interviewing teens who got pregant. One somehow accidentally got knocked up 3 times in 3 years (one abortion, one kept, one up for adoption) starting at age 14. Another girl wanted to get pregnant.... because she thought it would help if she applied to get on welfare so she could get her own apartment and not have to deal with her...
Also had a cousin who studied in China. Beijing, I believe. Maybe that's a bit too different for you, OP? :P
Used to smoke, back in high school. Occasionaly, not frequently. Now I don't do it anymore. Lost interest, I guess.
I can understand how OP feels. My car was also broken into TWICE. First time, the GPS was stolen (threw a big ass rock into the window). Second, back window was broken for no goddamn reason. sigh, kids?
A friend of mine studied abroad in Italy, and she loved, I think was Rome? I wouldn't mind studying in Rome..
I smile in my photos but it's usually a closed smile (no teeth).
I could really chow down on a Big Mac right now....but, never again...
1. Finishing the top and basement floors (putting in laminate) 2. Put in marble kitchen countertops. 3. Mount our TV on the wall. 4. Make space for a new refrigirator (Old one is an odd size) It'll all take some time (ripping out carpet and STAPLES in the floor is a pain in the ass.)
I need to see it on the road to make judgement...the Porsche Panamera also looked nice still, but when it was moving on the road it looked hideous.
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