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Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac The pinnacle of her career? I don't know...
I sort of like the Cayenne. The design is better than most luxury SUV's I've seen. They are certainly rare where I live (I see too many X5, X3, Mercedes, and Lexus RX/GX), so seeing a Cayenne is kind of refreshing. But a Lambo sedan? How can they expect it to sell well? I can picture it on the street now: Long, and disgusting.
lol no hope for Rachel Ray at this point.
Quote: Originally Posted by micbain Whats next? A ferrari minivan? C'mon. That's coming next year actually.. Porsche Panamera looks hideous on the road, and I'm sure this Lambo will too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I've been seeing Connes Lefthand formany years now. I thought it was the right?
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt What exactly do you miss about her? Treating her like crap? I'm glad you're going insane. You deserve it because you're an asshole for treating someone who genuinely cared about you like a piece of shit. You need to learn that you can't go through life treating people like that if you expect to be a happy person. I have to assume that you treated her like shit because it made you feel like a star. But that is a...
This movie looks stupid.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc ...or until you see "KGB" in them, right? Aha, I see what you did thar. I notice the eyes first, almost always when I encounter someone. If I'm just passing by, however, then it's the person's top.
Transformers Blu-Ray is just plain sexy.
Topher Grace and/or Justin Bartha
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