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Lotus is indeed rare (for me at least). It is something to gawk at, definitely. I think I've seen ONE....
Hathaway likes buttsecks.
OK, I have never played any Guitar Hero/Rock Band EVER! Weird? Maybe, but I'm willing to try them now. Looks to me like there are so many variations of the game out right now. Which one should I get for my PS3??? Any suggestions??
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I can only wish it was Giada. I remember my sisters were watching a Food Network program with this gorgeous woman in it...what's the name of this program lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew For a 4-seater sports car, I like the Lotus Evora: 280 HP, 3000 lbs, 30 MPG. Unfortunately, it will probably cost an arm and a leg. --Andre Take notes everyone: a 2door, 4 seat exotic can be pulled off. A 4 door, 4 seat, however, cannot.
She eats her own food, it seems. If you all want to be part of the chunky diet, watch her show!1!!11!!1!!!!! I saw a while back in this thread a dunkin doughnuts commercial with her in it?!??! The culplrit is known...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit She's a semi-attractive celebrity who's admitted publicly to enjoying anal sex. all makes sense now!!
Quote: Originally Posted by micbain I'm sure the Porsche cayenne is a fine product. I didn't mean to imply it was shoddy but when I think of Porsche I think of the 911 which is quite possibly the best all around sports car on the road and not a big, bloated luxury SUV. I think the tremendous sales in the US are also a testament to the once unquenchable thirst for SUV's and status symbols. Every manufacturer sold a boat load of SUV's over the past 10...
Lol, what is SF's fascination with Anne Hathaway?
Is it the chunkiness? At least, by my standards it would be chunky...Or perhaps it's the food she makes (which I know nothing about).
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