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Onkyo 7.1 Ch. Receiver (TX-SR576) And soon to be shipped to my place are: Harmon Kardon 5.1 Ch. (HKTS-15)
I like that 3500 GT...yummy.
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I prefer this one See now, I can drive THAT.
I'll shit on that front grill. Hideous in my opinion.
I'd like to pick up BioShock when i get my Home Theatre and everything set up. That, and possibly LittleBigPlanet! It looks quite unique and interesting...I am definitely going to look at Far Cry 2 as well. Fallout 3 has already been pre-ordered..can't wait! Some good games arriving soon!
I think I remember there was a bit of news stating that Daniel Craig had gotten injured on set of QoS. I think they said he had to have plastic surgery, and that some of his defining facial features were non existant...Is this true?!?
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint i'm starting to really just not give a shit about anything. maybe it's because our culture is so fucked up, maybe it's the shitty economy, perhaps it's the vapid political situation. i don't even know what bank i'm gonna have soon (wells farchoviabank). so many people around me are having emotional meltdowns. in all honesty, i really just don't care and i seem to be fine with it. whatever happens is gonna...
Yes, Mirror's Edge does look interesting...I'll pre-order that!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Jaguar was bought by a company from India?? I heard this some time ago. Perhaps that has impacted their designing/engineering of their cars? Again, not sure about the aquisition.. EDIT: Yes, Tata Motors had struck a deal with ford (2.3 Billion USD) to take over of Land Rover and Jaguar!! Link:
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