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sho'nuff needs to get his butt in this thread or it isn't complete!
I haven't been to Abu Dhabi, but I've been to Dubai. I would guess that Dubai is more flashy, but Abu Dhabi is more of a business-y type place. Dubai is nice, but I wouldn't bring my family there...useless info, but meh..
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Here is an online photo album from the event - I am waiting on my own images. I should be easy to spot - only guy with a pocket square. (I also am wearing a black suit and a black tie and have a bit of unfortunate facial hair) I have already received one big booking as a result of being seen there, and we raised over 21,000 dollars that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Hahaha so true! Laser pointers are really annoying...
So i returned the Onkyo 576 receiver, and got me the 606 instead: More future ready
Damn, I too was freaked reading the title...but that is very sad...terrible.
Sky Belcourt? LAME.
Aw, I'm in the area, but the ticket price... I'm sure it's worth it (Magician IS there ).
Are centipedes the poisonous ones, or are those millipedes... lol Japan
I can't wait to pick up Fallout 3...I'm still a little skeptical about LittleBigPlanet..
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