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I will post IRL pictures of the croc loafers if needed. Sizing seemed TTS to me, very comfortable and not tight at all.
Ahh... Couldn't resist the crocs. Hopefully the 11's are still around. Thanks all, this was a smoking deal.
Not that I endorse anything on the site, but I have a $10 gift certificate that can be used at DSW.com. I won't use it as it expires 7/17 and won't get to a store before then. Apparently it can be used with another gift certificate or coupon code. Details- Enter code 420 at checkout. Customer number: 400471797643 Markdown: 483142001003 One time use obviously.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow They are ever-so-slightly looser. I don't take most of my Mabis in the waist and I had to with Boglioli. Thanks!
JAB-style pricing maybe? http://www.amazon.com/Perrelet-A1017.../dp/B004UY2KVO Not familiar with the brand so can't say if exaggerated MSRP is SOP
Anyone know about the pants sizing? Would you think they are sized similar to Mabis?
^ How does this work? Is this n/a on the website?
AE Leeds at $205 shipped from LE: http://www.landsend.com/pp/PlainToeB...205635_-1.html Also- AE MacNeils at like 190 or something...over at LEC. EDIT: Use code: APRIL40 and code: 1164
What are you looking for here? Could get a green jacket if you happen to be named Charl. Could go khaki/chino unstructured, but this probably won't "do it in LA." When I think of something "doing it in LA," I think of those ridiculous skin-tight super-cropped grey jackets with paint splatter. The other thing that (evidently) "does it in LA" is wearing jeans with a t-shirt and sun glasses and pretending you are hiding from the paparazzi.
AE Leeds at Land's End for $225. Use SHOES50 with code 2314.
New Posts  All Forums: