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It's a Benjamin Button type thing.
I'm a big fan of the shoes they are carrying from Rancourt. Some nice, moderately priced American-made staples.
IMHO, it looks like something Dr Martens would come up with. Seriously chunky clodhoppers.
What does going to the movies infrequently have to do with thinking this movie looks bad?I go to many movies, this one looks like a suckfest.
Jeff Ruby's in downtown Cincinnati has a cigar patio. Might be worth checking out...
Walk away. It won't be worth what you'll pay, and you won't like the result.
I don't remember which last the Clifton is based upon, so I'll give you my experience. I found the DB run a half size big. I wear 11 on the AE 5 last (Park Avenue, Strand, etc..), which I consider mostly TTS. For Clarks, 10.5 was plenty big.
Why did this lose its sticky?
Anyone run across the A Reyes Urban cigar yet? Was in a store in Nashville, and mentioned I wanted to try something new. This guy picks up one of these sticks and hands it to me. I told him that I didn't like flavored cigars... The band is heinous. But the cigar was actually pretty good. Not a bad stick to try, although it will have to drop in price for it to become my cheapo smoke.
Does the above apply to crocodile loafers as well?
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