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It just looks like no matter how well tailored it is, you will still look frumpy and fat.
2 Questions: 1. Anyone have an idea of who makes the Ralph Lauren Horatio (Made in Italy) Suede loafer, as I wouldn't mind seeing if I could find them for less than $500? 2. What do you think of the following two shoes? Allen Edmonds Dover Ralph Lauren Horatio
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Can anyone demonstrate how girls going out to clubs should look? So far I've seen these girls, and the alternative being the "I love Lucy" look
Just happen to have a slight mancrush on Dick Fuld.
I don't know. But for $25 for all 6, I figure my downside is pretty limited.
I recently purchased this lot of six hermes ties. I was hoping for your (collective SF) opinions on each of them. I have a feeling I am going to keep about 3, and sell or give away the other three. Which (if any) should I keep, and which should be discarded?
Unfortunately, the stores were closed so I didn't get a chance to browse, and C&J didn't have any details in their window. Only a guess as to T&A online: because they don't have to?
I was wondering if anyone could point me in a good direction. Am looking to spend less than $300 dollars on a basic watch. I like the one attached, but wouldn't mind a more "classic" looking face. I like a darker brown or black leather with simple dial, and ideally white face. Any suggestions? Any opinions on the one attached?
You don't want to look like either cheap or ridiculous. The answer, as previously said, is the timeless dryjoys. You don't need anything more or less than something similar to this:
From L to R: Thomas Pink - Forgot, but I think similar to Hilditch TM Lewin - All shirts 25 pounds Turnbull & Asser - Shirts for 54 pounds, or 3 for 150. Ties from 25 pounds.
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