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I recently purchased this lot of six hermes ties. I was hoping for your (collective SF) opinions on each of them. I have a feeling I am going to keep about 3, and sell or give away the other three. Which (if any) should I keep, and which should be discarded?
Unfortunately, the stores were closed so I didn't get a chance to browse, and C&J didn't have any details in their window. Only a guess as to T&A online: because they don't have to?
I was wondering if anyone could point me in a good direction. Am looking to spend less than $300 dollars on a basic watch. I like the one attached, but wouldn't mind a more "classic" looking face. I like a darker brown or black leather with simple dial, and ideally white face. Any suggestions? Any opinions on the one attached?
You don't want to look like either cheap or ridiculous. The answer, as previously said, is the timeless dryjoys. You don't need anything more or less than something similar to this: http://cgi.ebay.com/FOOTJOY-DRYJOYS-...QQcmdZViewItem
From L to R: Thomas Pink - Forgot, but I think similar to Hilditch TM Lewin - All shirts 25 pounds Turnbull & Asser - Shirts for 54 pounds, or 3 for 150. Ties from 25 pounds.
From L to R: Hawes Curtis - All formal shirts for 25 pounds Herbie Frogg - Shirts for 39 pounds or 3 for 100 pounds Hilditch & Key - Shirts for 49 pounds (1-2), 46 (3-5), 44 (6+) New & Lingwood - Shirts for 59 pounds, or 3 for 150 Roderick Charles - Forgot...
Don't know if anyone cares, but I just walked through Jermyn Street in London, and found that most shops had fairly significant sales. I didn't have any paper to take notes, just a camera, so I apologize. See pictures for details. Also, the stores were closed, so I couldn't get too much information regarding the sales, but I tried to make mental notes of the details. From L to R: Charles Tyrwhitt - Shirts as low as 17 pounds Crockett & Jones - Nondescript Alfred Dunhill -...
And I do like those Classics, but for a first pair of golf shoes, I think the all white look would end up a disaster. Get yourself some regular old FJ Dryjoys white with brown saddle that will work with all clothing. You want to focus on playing golf, not avoiding scuffing your white golf shoes... just my $.02
For some good shirts, look into Fairway and Greene (plenty of other makers in this field). They fit perfectly for golf (allow for more movement than traditional "polo" shirts) and are made of a nice cotton that better wicks away moisture. http://www.fairwayandgreene.com/
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