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Amazing what I learn here.Photographic evidence of how much fusing is limp and lifeless.
I'd be skeptical.
No offense, but
It seems that this is still the case... I enjoy nice denim. I can't fathom paying $1K+ leads to $750 worth of quality improvements over an already nice pair of jeans.
uh yeah dude... it's hot.
Can someone point me in the direction of a nice pair of leather thong sandals?
No shit, that's what I felt. Cincinnati
It was pretty similar, slightly more rounded off toe, but very much the same from the heel through the ball.
No picks, sorry. Yeah, it was a great deal.Pretty positive the wingtips are made by Sutor.
Cincinnati Off Fifth as of Saturday. 2 pairs Isaia shoes. Both size 44.5 1 pair is a snuff suede wingtip with white contrast lacing, on a nice commando sole. Fairly narrow shape, with somewhat elongated toe box, but nothing too extreme. A nice looking pair of shoes; would go great with jeans. 1 pair is a rather shade of blue penny loafer. Both marked to ~380 with 40% off. The suede wingtips were at Saks at $1k, the penny's were originally 700, in case you were...
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