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I am a fan of the pants. I would purchase more pairs, but I've had trouble finding them in stock. You're in ATL? Anyone seen these recently in Cincy?
Does threedifferent count?
Exactly. The basic idea is great. The execution is, shall I say, fashion-forward.
Honestly, I'm not sure there is a better shoe company regarding these types of issues.
Rancourt only stocks D. They do MTO*, so you should contact them if you are interested. I think they are some good looking shooz, but I've not owned them so can't speak to the quality. My guess is that they are on par with AE and Alden. Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 * I am assuming this, due to the language on this page: - "D" width equals a medium width, for wider or narrower widths please contact us.
Here's how I imagine these folks think: Cowboy boots and Suits = Texas Sprezzatura Meanwhile, the folks outside of TX either view it as 'Texans being Texans' or Texans being jackasses. Also, Texas is too hot.
Amazing what I learn here.Photographic evidence of how much fusing is limp and lifeless.
I'd be skeptical.
No offense, but
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