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Your margin won't make it lucrative.
Hmm, sounds like a place I should be avoiding then. Thanks for the suggestion- apparently Trimingham's shut down permanently in 2005.
Just because you're crazy doesn't mean everyone else has to be. Just because something is ubiquitous doesn't mean that it's bad. Granted, shorts often look sloppy, but they don't have to. I mean, suits worn by the general public look horrible. Doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them. Shorts exist for a reason, and it's not to show off spindly legs.
Very different watches. Might want to figure out what kind of watch you want first, then start narrowing down. Don't boil the ocean
You say that the construction on the Gucci and Prada loafers you saw seemed lacking. I would be hesitant to assume that the Tod's were of any greater quality. I'm not very familiar with Santoni, but don't they make a lot of down-market shoes as well (for Gilt, others)? What exactly do you mean by Italian loafers? Country of origin or a more sleek style? Venetian loafers? Modern penny loafer? Horse bit?
http://www.carshoe.com/it/en http://www.superga.co.uk/item/Brand_Superga2750Linu_368_0_185_1.html http://us-shop.dubarry.us/collections/men/footwear/boat-shoes/helmsman-boat-shoe Ratchet up or down depending upon budget. http://moccsocks.myshopify.com/ can be helpful, but may tend to slip if you are much bigger than size 11 (US)
Will be in Bermuda with SO (both in our mid 20s) for 4 days this coming weekend. We are staying at the Hamilton Princess close to downtown. Other than a round of golf at Mid Ocean, we have no plans. Any recommendations for must-do activities or restaurants? Any shops in particular worth hunting down? Thanks!
I like how it draws attention to the general vicinity of his Wang. May be a sign of virility. I'll be trying this at my next family reunion.
PiperLime has two coupon codes in effect. BOXES - $10 off $50 TWENTY - 20% off Can be stacked. Might be of interest if you like the couple of casual AEs they carry, Sperry's, or Weejuns. Exclusions: Frye, Hunter, Rag & Bone, Elizabeth and James, Merrell, Minnetonka Moccasin, Stuart Weitzman, The North Face and KORS Michael Kors
New Posts  All Forums: