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At a "summer place" for Thanksgiving, so only the back 9 was playable. The greens were punched and sanded; rolling like a 5... I took 5 clubs out there and was screwing around. Had a great time playing for the first time since September. As a bonus, found my grandfather's old Ping Eye 1 iron, fitted with original grip, +2" extra stiff shafts. Was able to successfully hit 4/5 attempts (the failure was spectacular- launch angle had to be negative) Playing makes me want to...
Don't know if you've moved on from this, but for me, the MP30s are one of the greatest sets Mizuno has put out.Last summer I got the MP69s to replace an aging set of the MP30s. Recently had cause to play a round with the older set, and it's remarkable how similar the clubs play and feel. Granted, I have the exact same specs on each set, but if not for wear, I'd still be playing the MP30s.Great feel, and aesthetically wonderful. I love those clubs.
I had upgraded to the "new" one from 2 and it's not improved my experience. The thing gets all hot and bothered with just rdio and browsing. Side note, is anyone else having crashing issues with the Chrome browser?
Yeah, this thread seems pretty legitimate...
You don't seem to be a nice guy.
Your margin won't make it lucrative.
Hmm, sounds like a place I should be avoiding then. Thanks for the suggestion- apparently Trimingham's shut down permanently in 2005.
Just because you're crazy doesn't mean everyone else has to be. Just because something is ubiquitous doesn't mean that it's bad. Granted, shorts often look sloppy, but they don't have to. I mean, suits worn by the general public look horrible. Doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them. Shorts exist for a reason, and it's not to show off spindly legs.
Very different watches. Might want to figure out what kind of watch you want first, then start narrowing down. Don't boil the ocean
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