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I may be, but won't know until noon today.
Yes. I have taco on the case, using the phone. Now how do I explain to the gf that shoes dictated a lesser grade or two off her stone's clarity?
And I think I may be able to get the Gables as well. All I seemed to have whiffed on was the suede JLs, probably a good thing though. May God have mercy on my plastic; and there's a ring going on it within the week. It's going to melt.
Twas a good night, picked up the Westbury and the C&J Oriels in store at Madison. Now I'm feeling regrets about not grabbing the Gables as well. Is the sale officially over now? Any chance I can call them tomorrow and get them shipped to me? Taco - are you able to locate these anymore?
I just called Madison Ave and asked for Men's shoes. They had them and set them aside. Nothing special here.
Awesome PSA. All over this one. Trying to troll the sale site to see if anything else is a mandatory buy, but it's so slow and a total disaster on Chrome.Thanks for the heads up!
Any thoughts on something similar to this: This is Gucci, and it satisfies most of my criteria (zipper, strap, simple, brown) except it may be a touch too narrow for me. Comparing it to my monstrosity of a briefcase (which is an 8 inch thick black ballistic crime against humanity, I'm nervous that I won't be able to get my computer + charger and various other electronic chargers in this guy without it bulging in odd places (Travel throughout week for work). This is 4...
Wonderful. Is that the 38th parallel last?
Tramezza monk in brown burnished calf for 50% off ($500). Sizes going quickly: http://www.parkandbond.com/product/130238831
They squeak by on small commissions from merchandise sales. Unless they are affiliated with a healthy country club (which, depending on its size, can support upwards of 10+ PGA pros)Separate question; has anyone played Torrey Pines South recently? Considering heading out west to play one Saturday, and want to make sure that it hasn't fallen off a cliff since the 2008 tournament. Don't want to blow 300 on a crappy muni.
New Posts  All Forums: