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Was just at the RL sale. You weren't kidding about the 36W/16.5 being cleared out / non existent. Shoe selection was minimal as well. Saw some things for the lady, but she wasn't with me and didn't feel like taking a chance at sizing.
Wow, you're amazing. Thanks a lot. For some reason when I was looking on Farfetch last night, it wouldn't give me any results. I must have been doing it wrong.Oh well,
Wondering if someone might help me out here. I'm a noob to Common Projects, but really like the slip-on model (which I just saw for the first time - this one). I don't do black shoes, so was looking for either the burgundy or lighter brown leather, or the gray suedes... I've looked at every website listed as a stockist on the CP website (at least those in English) and most of them don't carry it. Those that do have extremely limited sizes and don't carry the 45 I think I...
Can someone point me in the right direction? Looking for a grey Bengal striped shirt. Preferably spread collar with single cuffs. Seems like something that should exist, but I haven't been able to run it down. Thanks
For what it's worth, I had popped into the SF Barney's and noticed the Windsor had been marked down to the ~450 level. They didn't have my size, but they were able to get the NY store to mail to me. Just a head's up. Said they had a couple of pairs in US11... probably other sizes as well. 3 pairs in less than a month. What an odd bender. Same last as the Westbury and Gable, right?
Thanks for the heads up. Had been looking for some trees in the aftermath of the Barneys madness and everyone I emailed was OOS. Picked up 2x mahogany trees for 240gbp shipped stateside ($390 - ouch).
New addition to the Barney's madness. JL "Newby" in Black at $659. Sizes seem pretty wide open as of 10:15am http://www.barneys.com/John-Lobb-Newby/501587692,default,pd.html?cgid=SALEMENSHOES&index=0 -
I may be, but won't know until noon today.
Yes. I have taco on the case, using the phone. Now how do I explain to the gf that shoes dictated a lesser grade or two off her stone's clarity?
And I think I may be able to get the Gables as well. All I seemed to have whiffed on was the suede JLs, probably a good thing though. May God have mercy on my plastic; and there's a ring going on it within the week. It's going to melt.
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