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Thanks- yes I'm pleased with they turned out. I used three coats of Fiebings suede dye in medium brown. Not sure if it got picked up on the crappy photo, but they manage to be both pretty rich/deep but still show details in the grain. Given my history with DIY projects, this is a miracle.
Well I ended up taking the plunge on a dyeing experiment. I don't know why, but I couldn't look at these (Cabourn Chukkas) without being reminded of Tims construction worker boots. Thought maybe with some wear the dirt and color would grow on me, but I decided I kind of hated them and drastic measures were called for.
Are these how they originally shipped or did you by any chance dye them? I picked up a pair of these in the sand color but they are reminding me too much of construction worker boots and a darker brown works better for me personally. Contemplating dyeing them a darker shade...
Just picked up a pair of the Viberg x Nigel Cabourn Chukkas in size 10, going with a full size less than my "typical" brannock / dress & boot sizing. They feel good in the forefront, but I feel what I suspect is too much heel slippage. Just curious if this is the sort of thing that will be reduced as leather and sole break in, or if they feel like this to start with, they will only get worse... Thoughts?
Not necessarily a new member, but I haven't been around much since days of HermesMan and the sohighfashion blog. I think I'm being overly picky, but I've been looking for a down vest that is a bit more "formal" than the sporty offerings from Patagonia and less workwear-inspired like Crescent Down. A good mix of puffy without giving that stay-puft vibe and no shiny fabrics (looking at you Moncler). Also, I'd like to avoid these huge logos (Canada Goose). I'd prefer a zip...
Just my opinion, but it looks very technical and fly fishing specific. The outer fabric and color would look strange with a normal outfit, to say nothing of the mesh pocket. I also bet it fits like a tent (but that goes for a lot of Barbours).Reminds me of: the risk of being a dumbass, where are you all finding boots? I'm looking for the boondocker on the 2030 last, which isn't on the website. I looked at all the stockists listed (thanks google translate) and found them at one store in the UK, but they only had size 11 (I need a 10). Do you just stalk these same retailers and pounce on any pre-orders when they pop? I'll go duck now while tomatoes get tossed at me.
Anyone have any experience with the "Casting" model? I'm getting rid of my (hilariously billowy) Beaufort, wanting something slimmer. Looking online, I came across this one ( Obviously a different type of jacket that the Bedales / Ashby, but just curious if anyone has seen it and can speak to sizing.
Was just at the RL sale. You weren't kidding about the 36W/16.5 being cleared out / non existent. Shoe selection was minimal as well. Saw some things for the lady, but she wasn't with me and didn't feel like taking a chance at sizing.
Wow, you're amazing. Thanks a lot. For some reason when I was looking on Farfetch last night, it wouldn't give me any results. I must have been doing it wrong.Oh well,
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