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Anyone know if there is a plan to do another IxI work shirt in time for fall?
I hope they do some more work shirts soon so I can have one ready in time for fall!
Anyone know if they're going to do anymore work shirts any time soon?
I know this is an old post, but is the indigo beanie still available?
Quick sizing question for the RRL rigid officer chinos. I wear a size 33 in Samurai 710, a 34 in 3sixteen ST-100, and a 34 in Flat Head 1001's, and am hoping someone can offer me some sizing advice for the rigid officer chinos. I usually need something right around a 17 inch in the waist. I read through the thread but just wanted to double check. Thanks in advance!
Does the waist on the rigid officer chino's shrink/stretch much?
@rusticchasm, pictures would be awesome! Also does anyone know if one style of the indigo chore coat (indigo/overdyed black/striped) is longer than the others?
Whoa, when did the prices on all the shirts go up?
Thanks for all the sizing help folks! Sounds like I'm a large.
Hey all! I'm 6'3 and 190lbs, usually a medium or large in most brands and was wondering if anyone could offer sizing adivce on the indigo wool chore coat or striped indigo wool chore coat. Thanks in advance!
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