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Whoa, when did the prices on all the shirts go up?
Thanks for all the sizing help folks! Sounds like I'm a large.
Hey all! I'm 6'3 and 190lbs, usually a medium or large in most brands and was wondering if anyone could offer sizing adivce on the indigo wool chore coat or striped indigo wool chore coat. Thanks in advance!
Anyone have pictures of worn in moc toe's?
Any thoughts on sizing Red Wing Iron Rangers compared to Danner Mountain Lights?
Any plans to do another run of the Japan Heavy Black work shirts? I totally regret missing that one!
Any idea on how the #5 Japan heavy Black fabric on the Japan Black Work Shirt will fade?
What are the measurements on this shirt?
Yay! Great to hear the work shirts will be available soon!
I've have ST-100's (34), SL-130's (33), and 30bsp's (33). Using BIG measurements all three are right around 17.5 in the waist and 12.5 in the thigh after frequent wear. I love all the cuts and am amazed at the quality and difference of each.
New Posts  All Forums: