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Tough but lightweight polycarbonate shell, preferred luggage of frequent travelers, and virtually never goes on sale. Standard carry-on size, I used this 3 times total for job interviews, it has never been check-in, so there are only minor cosmetic blemishes from use. All components, in perfect working condition, comes with booklet and warranty. http://www.rimowa.com/en-us/salsa-deluxe/830.52.50.4
wow, ordered my MDR on july 9, still waiting after 30 weeks
Like new, size 46/36 cotton blazer in khaki; 2 button, side vents, slim fit. 9/28 drop Measurements: Shoulder: 18 Chest 19.5 Waist: 18 Sleeve: 24.5 Length: 28.25
Like new pair of black selvedge 3sixteen; hemmed to 28 inches, worn once before I decided it wouldn't fit in the the end. Fit is similar to APC NS, quality is supposedly better, you can read all about it here. 9/28 drop Waist aligned: 15 Front rise: 10 Back rise: 14 Thigh: 11 Inseam: 28 Opening: 7.5 Retails 220 http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/denim/products/slim-straight-denim-black-selvedge
Bought this pair here; found out I don't have the face shape for it. Like new quality, comes with case, cloth, repair kit. 9/28 drop Size 55mm Frame: Gold plated Lens: AGX Temple: Skull Retails for 150: http://shop.randolphusa.com/aviator-p5044.aspx
Absolutely nothing's wrong, thats how AEs are. My guess is that they're designed that way to accommodate people with larger/fatter ankles; your ankles are normal/thin, therefore it'll look like theres excess material. Also, your low instep could be contributing to the problem. Just try on some other brands; I had the same prob with AEs, C&J dont give me the same problem
did they ask you to pay shipping?
sorry to revive this thread, I just wanted you guys opinion. Long story short, I ordered a pair of shoes in the wrong size a couple days ago from their online store. I immediately realized it was the wrong size and sent an email asking them to stop the order and instead send my correct size. I got an email saying they will do this. 2 days silence. I ask again, this time for them to acklowedge that the order was changed, and reply was that the order left before they could...
sent you a PM couple days ago
+1 to all of the above. I went through the process a couple years back, and some of the outfits i saw on the interview trail were pretty bad (and that was even before i was a regular here). So you'll definitely be the best dressed in the group, and about half did white shirt, half blue, I really don't think it matters. And good luck
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