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I've owned a pair of Drapers for a while now and I have no complaints.
I will tell you but first you must tell me the secret of aloe vera.
This looks much better than the smaller sized suits in your earlier posts. You seem to be between sizes for this particular brand and model and now it's a matter if it's an easy fix for a tailor. There's too much fabric in the back and it's causing a collar gape which is noticeable in the picture in which you are seated. Also as noted above the trousers are too long.
Did you take a picture, recreate the image in colored sand, take a picture of that and then upload it? Seriously the length looks correct for a traditional jacket. You definitely do not want something longer than what you have on now. A more contemporary jacket would be about a half to an inch shorter than that.
Sometimes quirks of corporate culture or a boss might steer you in a direction other than what would be recommended here. I have a friend who worked in IT for a large bank who was not allowed to wear pants that did not have pleats, for instance. If I were in your situation I would find someone in your office who dresses in a way you could see yourself dress, and copy his look. Then as you move forward in your career develop your own style and tastes. My shoe recommendation...
Typically in a business casual environment you can get by with a button-front shirt and khakis just about every day and maybe a polo shirt on warm Fridays. What are your co-workers wearing? Do they wear suits and ties? If a jacket is required, I would consider a sports coat or a blazer because of your proportions. No reputable off the rack suit will fit you. As far as shoes are concerned I would recommend starting with Allen Edmonds seconds at the very least.
Or at the very least 're-fuse' to buy anything else from MEXX.
Without knowing the provenance of the stain it would be difficult to come up with a cleaning strategy. I would take the shirt to a professional and see what they can do to clean it.
Also if you have Facebook they have an impressive album of some looks.
Post Imperial comes to mind. I bought one of their ties when they were sold at Sid Mashburn in the US. They use traditional adire dye and methods to create some interesting pieces.
New Posts  All Forums: