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Post Imperial comes to mind. I bought one of their ties when they were sold at Sid Mashburn in the US. They use traditional adire dye and methods to create some interesting pieces.
I've worn Sunspel in the past but switched to MyPackage. Despite their off-putting name and high price, I found their 'Weekender' variant the best I have worn.
Wearing your one 'bad weather suit' is a guarantee of a sunny day and your bad weather suit won't help you when it is in the closet during a sudden cloudburst.. It would be much more practical to keep a raincoat or umbrella at your desk.
You'd have to sell a lot of Fords to afford a Tom Ford. Zegna has so many diffusion lines that it can be confusing to the consumer to know exactly what they're getting, not to mention the 'made from zegna cloth' suits being made out to be Zegna. If I were in your position I would look for Canali, Belvest, and Corneliani. They produce in sufficient scale that they can often be found at a reasonable price on sale and their quality and construction are more than sufficient.
Assuming that the models have average length arms, it could be possible that the sleeves on that brand run long based upon the pictures I am seeing. The models also appear to pose in ways to try to hide the excess sleeve length. It might be something to consider if you have average or shorter arms and I'd make sure that they have a good return policy even on 'sale' items.
Assess the clothing that you own now and decide what you *dont* want to wear anymore then consider what you want to replace them. Things such as graphic t-shirts, sports jerseys, or clothing with a visible logo etc are examples of some of the things men let go of as they improve their style. Find looks that appeal to you on this site and elsewhere and use them for inspiration.
A grey suit isn't something that lends itself well to being 'dressed down' and worn with a casual shirt with no tie. I recommend sticking to the basics and wearing it with a white shirt and a solid tie such as what was posted above.
Most likely Oliver Peoples.
I have up for offer a suit from Dax. It is made in Italy and the tags look similar to my Belvest suits. It is unworn and unaltered. The color is best described as a violet grey and wears like pajamas. The jacket measures 20.5" at the chest, and is 29" in length from the back of the collar. There are working buttonholes on the sleeves. The jacket is double vented. The pants have a 34" waist and a 7" leg opening. They are unaltered for length. It's cut very slim and...
Standard off the rack length - around 32" inseam.
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