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This was borderline but the mannequins behind him give this a gentle push into 'creepy'
I owned a Scorpion helmet about 4 years ago that was a flip-up modular. One day while riding to work, the tab that unlocks the helmet came off in my hand. I was a bit panicked and wasn't sure if I should go to the fire department and have them try to get it off or just go to work and act naturally. I opted instead to desperately yank the thing off my head and went through the day looking like I got into a fight. I bought a Schuberth C3 to replace it and the build quality...
Trousers were taken in as well as the side seams of the jacket but I am not sure what else might have done beyond that. All alterations were done by an expert tailor who once worked with the Shah of Iran.
One last bump before ebay. This suit is marked as a 52r however was tailored down (sides of jacket taken in, waist on trousers taken in as well). Please check the measurements. I have since gone down in size and feel it best for this suit to move on. The suit is classically styled and the fabric and construction is among the best I have seen anywhere. The suit jacket is dual vented and the pants have flat fronts. Jacket: 21.5" Chest 31" Length 34" Sleeves 18" Shoulders...
104 in the Southwest isn't bad at all especially since where you will be going you will be moving continually as opposed to being stuck in traffic. If you can stretch your trip I would recommend the Devil's Highway ride into Arizona.
I am looking for a dark but not black chukka boot preferably with a danite or similar sole styled with a narrow waist that's more Sutor Mantellassi and less Red WIng. See picture attached and let me know what you have!
I wore this once then lost weight. This shirt is made from 2/170 Swiss cotton. Very lightweight and great for summer. I would describe the fit as 'classic'. Neck: 16" Chest: 23" Sleeve: 35" Price drop! Sold
This suit was purchased new and fit as a slim 42. I had it expertly tailored once and it fits like a 40r now. I have lost more weight and while I love this suit, I would rather sell than try to have it tailored again. There's s subtle herringbone self-stripe that looks very sharp. The suit has a modern fit and there is much more taper on the pants than on more traditional suits. Jacket: Chest 42" Length 29" Sleeves 24" Two vents Pants: Waist: 34" Inseam 32" with 2"...
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