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What causes that shoulder pulling? I Have a suit coming in the new few weeks would like to mentally prepare myself.
@Jakes good work, you're one of the few lucky ones that received a suit fit for public consumption. @Nickia, reduce the shoulders, unbutton that last button, lengthen the sleeves, slightly taper or trim the pants down a bit, and clean your room.
I have been ordering for about two years now. Running out of fabrics I like though.....that's inevitably driving me towards trying out different vendors. I've tried Biased Cut and am on the verge of checking out Cotton Works.
I agree. I think the slimmer you are the easier it is for something to drape over and look OK.
My thoughts. Not a complete disaster, the shoulders could definitely be improved and I did have to take the suit in to get the sleeves slimmed. I ran out of time and needed the suit back for a wedding so the sleeves are a bit longer than I'd like. That will be remedied as soon as I return to the tailor. The fabric is terrible, but to be expected and is in alignment with the cost I suppose. The stitching is bad. I had the crotch blown out on first wear. There are loose...
I'm 5"3 and 125lbs, I feel your pain. Its taken me the better part of 24 years to figure out how to dress proportionately from jeans to shirts to coats. I even have short people friendly furniture. So I'll bundle it all in one post....Please disregard the drunken invisible-car-at-ATM-pictures, they are the only pics I have of the coat from various angles. xxs peacoat from topman, slightly cropped by my tailor and buttons slightly moved to make it less skinny....
ordered in July and was charged immediate. Have yet to receive the merchandise.
Alright seriously, I'm getting angry. Jantzen has completely stopped emailing me. Ordered in mid July and was charged immediately, still haven't received anything. Can anyone advise me on a course of action to take?
Quote: Originally Posted by Quatsch I placed an order in (very) late August, and it got shipped last week. But, I got a response to my email in about a week. Not great, but not as bad as I had feared. I still havent heard back from the order I placed in July. Why doesn't he complete his sales in the order they came in? So freaking puzzling/frustrating.
I'm well past the two month marker and still havent received my shirt yet AND I've already been charged....
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