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ya, the vanquish is a piece of junk. it's just so crude compared to the db9 or v8...and it's definitely showing it's age.nice, what color? there are other m coupe owners here too?! such a joy to Artega, huh? i didn't even know they were producing those. the design manager at Fisker, my good friend, is responsible for the design of that car, though Henrik got the credit for it. did they put some decent wheels on that thing yet? the last time i saw it, it...
My bad, I meant DBS. Silly mistake on my part since automotive design is such an integral part of my life.
had lunch there last friday and couldn't have been more disappointed. only redemption was the blueberry+cream cookie available on the way out.
that's not a post, that's a whole blog. nice stuff.
just got back from NY myself. hot and humid as shit but awesome as always. had the best cheeseburger at Peter Luger's, the most authentic paella i've ever had at Socarrat, some of the most exquisite and delicious desserts at Chika licious, the best damn lobster roll on earth at Luke's(i have 4-5 every time i go to NY), some solid meatballs at The Meatball Shop, and some of the freshest pasta at Supper and Babbo. luckily, we had a fantastic waiter at Babbo that was super...
possibly a DBR9. a zagato aston would be nearly impossible to see outside of a councours type of's my baby.
i'm not too sure what season they're from.
FS: Common Projects Slip-on Price includes shipping within US. PayPal only. Please add 4% for fees or pay as a gift. 1. Common Projects Slip-On White Sz. 44(fits more like a 45) Worn 4 times SOLD PM me if you have any questions. PICS
Pleated armhole shirt sold
Pm sent!
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