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i actually meant the 430 scuderia's bumper that i like better. 360 scuderia is badass! f355 is definitely one of my favorites! i love that thing!!!
the 430 is a very cool car but when i look at it, i can't help but see the 360 base. of course the thing has been mechanically improved but it does still share the doors, windows and cabin with the 360. also, the stock 430's lower front vents, though referenced from the 330 tri-lm testa rossa(i believe), just don't fit right on the car. the 430 scuderia's front bumber looks better, imo-a bit more squared off and not so round. i just think the lines are more natural on...
ahh, i see. very true about the price and i'm sure it's amazing to drive.
Jet, your buddy's car is pretty sweet! if it's tracked frequently, then i guess that insane wing is justified. i hate to say it, but i'd take the 458 italia over a 599 gto, just from a styling standpoint. the 599 has way too much of an "american" sports car feel to it. it looks kinda like the yellow gold wearing, hairy chested brother of the c6 corvette. just proportionally too similar for me. don't get me wrong, the 599 gto is one of the most impressive beasts...
Damn, 599 gto, huh? Impressive machine...that thing'll outrun an Enzo. Is that yours?!!!
Thanks man, really appreciate it!!
lol, don't get me wrong, the vanquish would be proudly owned by me! Those things are rare so, just from a collectible standpoint, I'd have no problem owning one.Interlagos, such a beautiful color...if it wasn't for the alpine white, I would've gone intelagos or sepang. The metal flake really brings out the shape of the car.I absolutely despised the karma in photos, but in person the thing is just stunning. No other car in it's class has the presence that the karma does....
Ya, I totally agree with you. Those taillamps are so dated looking! My main issue with the car is the way the rear fender intersects into the bodyside. It's so upright and very non directional-it fights with every line on the car. On top of that, the door shut carrying over the rear fender is very poorly executed. If you look at the one-77, the rear shut is beautifully resolved. It actually determines the intersection of the rear fender.
ya, the vanquish is a piece of junk. it's just so crude compared to the db9 or v8...and it's definitely showing it's age.nice, what color? there are other m coupe owners here too?! such a joy to drive...an Artega, huh? i didn't even know they were producing those. the design manager at Fisker, my good friend, is responsible for the design of that car, though Henrik got the credit for it. did they put some decent wheels on that thing yet? the last time i saw it, it...
My bad, I meant DBS. Silly mistake on my part since automotive design is such an integral part of my life.
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