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FS: Robert Geller, Our Legacy, Margaret Howell, Cloak Prices include shipping within US. PayPal only. Please add 4% for fees or pay as a gift. 1. Wings+Horns Melton Wool MK2 SOLD 2. Our Legacy Shawl Collar Cardigan Navy Blue Sz. Medium Worn a few times/ very good condition $115---$105---$95---$85 3. Cloak Runway Sweater SOLD 4. Gitman Vintage Overdye Oxford SOLD 5. Margaret Howell Micro Check BD Blue/White Sz. Small(fits like a medium) Brand...
FS:Dior Homme "Jake" Sz. 29/ 17.5cm Made in Italy 98% cotton/ 2% elastine Perfect condition I believe they're from the f/w'11 season. Purchased directly from the Beverly Hills Dior Homme boutique. Measurements, waist: 15.5"/ 16" aligned front rise: 9.5" thigh: just over 10.25" inseam: 37.5" hem: just over 6.5" SOLD PICS
Last cardigan sold.
Nice! You're a lucky guy, the 997 is such a beauty. Before the 997 was introduced, I was all about the 993. It's just such a beautiful car and it retained the general proportions of the original. Now, I'm back and forth between the 993 and 997. I guess it just depends on how I feel that day..The next gallardo will be fucking badass. I promise.
Thanks rfx45! Besides the increase in pay, that's the main reason I'm going there. They're in really bad shape right now. During the 90's, Honda was the shit! My first 3 cars were Hondas so they have a special place in my heart.I'll do what I can and I'll keep you guys posted.
impolyt_one, The e24 is such a design icon, IMO. The negative profile of that nose is so cool. Gold on gunmetal FTW! Such a nice combo. HRoi, Thanks man. Gettin paid to draw cars and work on clay models all day isn't too bad. I'm going to be as ambiguous and descriptive as possible? Lower, wider, longer and lighter-at least for VAG. Ya, the group is doing very good work right now. Good design does make a big difference. One thing I'm not too thrilled about is the...
FS:Dior Homme "Fuggy Dreams" Sz. 31/ 17.5cm Made in Italy 98% cotton/ 2% elastine 9.9/10 condition Measurements, waist: 15.5"/ just over 16" aligned front rise: 9.5" thigh: 10.25" inseam: 38" hem: 6.5" (they fit very slim. like a sz. 30) SOLD/ pm for international requests PICS
Only 3 items left.
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