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I'm quite sure that the current seasons ranger boots are manufactured in Italy. I bought a pair, that were marked MII, and was so disappointed with the quality that I returned them right away. The materials used were similar but of lesser quality, the craftsmanship was lacking precision and was overall a bit inferior in my honest opinion.
I'm quite sure these are legit. I have a pair and they have 11 eyelets as well. They're from a couple of seasons ago, I believe, and made in Spain as opposed to Italy where the current seasons ranger boots are manufactured. The construction and materials are a bit nicer than the new Italian made ranger boots as well.
Thanks! There was 1 soak that I added a capful of bleach to in order accelerate the dye loss.
Thanks! It's Silent by Damir Doma(my beater belt).
I generally wear a size 30, sometimes a 31, in SL. I stuck with a 30 for the raws. I think the key for preventing crotch blowouts is to start out tight. Less excess material equals less friction.
Sorry for cropped, shit photo but here's a pic of my 100% cotton MIJ raws. Worn about 8 months. A handful of soakings.
3 jeans added.
2 new SL shirts added.
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